September 08, 2010

Will Somebody Explain to Me

...why a lunatic preacher with less than 50 people in his flock, who is associated with Fred effing Phelps is getting worldwide media attention for an exercise in assinity.

Seriously, this is a major info war defeat for the US and it is an issue at all because it is getting coverage out of all proportion to reality.

Why did this irrelevant  asshat get so much coverage?

Allahpundit has some thoughts on the idiocy and reactions to it here.

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1 Because it can be made into an election issue.

Very few people on the left believe that this goofball is representative of Republicans or the right; but they are absolutely correct in believing that turning some nut into an issue with a ridiculous accusation will have prominent Republicans and conservatives scrambling to condemn his actions.

Day after day after day, while real issues are ignored.  This stupid tabloid story is keeping many people from thinking too much about real current events, and putting the right on the defensive.  A couple more stories like this and the Democrats will probably keep the Senate, and maybe even lose a few less house seats.

After all, people don't WANT Republicans in office; they just want Democrats slightly less at the moment.  Stuff like this can tip the scales a bit.

Posted by: Ben at Thu Sep 9 08:03:12 2010 (gze3w)

2 Possibly localized ignorance and rapid distribution speed are conspiring together?  I hadn't been aware that the church was some sort of Westboro ally until this morning, and this thing's been churning for two-three days prior to that.

When did this stunt get noticed?  When Petraeus wrote his letter, or before that?

Posted by: Mitch H. at Thu Sep 9 10:09:11 2010 (jwKxK)

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