July 03, 2013

Fingers are Crossed

As the Egyptian military promised,  there has been a coup.

Wait...Those aren't cluster-bombs!

The Egyptian people seem to be taking the military takeover rather well. The Military does not seem to be rolling over the civilians with tanks and the Muslim Brotherhood seems to have lost resoundingly. 

I expected far worse.

The military has suspended the constitution...which is usually an even bigger warning sign than a coup, but in this case the constitution had been recently imposed by Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

The military leadership has not established a Junta (yet) but has put the Chief Justice of their Supreme court in charge of a civilian panel  that has been tasked with running the country and organizing new elections.

This is interesting:

A senior opposition figure says pro-reform leader Mohamed ElBaradei, the top Muslim cleric of Al-Azhar Mosque and the Coptic pope are meeting the army chief to discuss a political road map for Egypt

So the Copts and the Muslims are working together with the secularists and the military to hold democratic elections after deposing a democratically elected government that turned out to be oppressive and fundamentalist Islamic .

There's a concise overview of how this came to be here.

This is not exactly Kemalist as there are religious leaders at the table, but it at least looks like the military is trying to avoid having to run things themselves, and is handing it over to civilian civic leaders which is very promising. 

Zero Hedge has some interesting pictures
of the protests that are not making it into most of the news here. They show extreme anger at Obama and the US Ambassador to Egypt for backing the Islamofascistic whackadoodle who just got deposed. This via Instapundit who points out that it's telling that the posters are anti-Obama and not anti-US.

This could still go to worms in a terrible and bloody way, but at this point this is about the least bad outcome one could reasonably expect.

UPDATE: Via Ace, comes video of the celebrations.

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