September 13, 2007

Human Scum Yes....But Be Careful.....

Michelle Malkin has an extensive roundup on the recent desecration of the Vietnam Memorial.

The 'rightosphere' is understandably abuzz with outrage at this vile act but I think spinning people up over this is unwise.

First, as wretched and sick an act as this is, it is nothing new. "Leftie Vandals Disrespect Veterans" is a textbook dog bites man story.It's what they do... We have known this since they greeted the vets returning from SE Asia with Loogies rather than laurels

Second, this terrible act coincides with the defeatophilic crowds big protest in Washington DC on the 15th. There will be a fair number of counterprotestors including A Gathering of Eagles....a group that is officially coming to guard the memorial from such hippy douchebaggery as just occured.

...and there will be cameras.

Now few things could be more calculated to enrage good people than desecrating this memorial. They have defaced the names of husbands, sons, Fathers and comrades in arms. This almost cannot help but illicit a primal response.

This, I'd hazard a guess, is why they did it.

It is also why my fellow righties had best calm down.

Heretefore our counterprotestors have generally acted pretty damned well....certainly they have done little to validate the moonbats stereotypes and the moonbats IMHO have frequently come off looking far worse in comparison.

The moonbats NEED one or more of us to fufill their delusions of persecution on national television.

They NEED one of us to act out of rage and live down to their stereotypes....They get bonus points if one of them is punched by a veteran.

The moonbats as usual are acting like spoiled children in a room with a crayon and a wedding gown.

The fact that they know they are hurting people and take glee in it is no matter.

The cameras will be rolling, we had best be the adults.


(Well, my fellow righties had best suck it up and behave, I'm off the hook as I'll be guarding the coast this weekend.)

Update: Welcome Murdoc Online readers! Note that I'm not criticizing people for pointing this out (it's not like the traditional media is covering it) and Murdoc is surely not trying to start a riot. However, this is such a low blow we need to be extra careful lest we recieve a self-inflicted black eye.


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September 11, 2007

6 Years Ago



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