September 13, 2007

Human Scum Yes....But Be Careful.....

Michelle Malkin has an extensive roundup on the recent desecration of the Vietnam Memorial.

The 'rightosphere' is understandably abuzz with outrage at this vile act but I think spinning people up over this is unwise.

First, as wretched and sick an act as this is, it is nothing new. "Leftie Vandals Disrespect Veterans" is a textbook dog bites man story.It's what they do... We have known this since they greeted the vets returning from SE Asia with Loogies rather than laurels

Second, this terrible act coincides with the defeatophilic crowds big protest in Washington DC on the 15th. There will be a fair number of counterprotestors including A Gathering of Eagles....a group that is officially coming to guard the memorial from such hippy douchebaggery as just occured.

...and there will be cameras.

Now few things could be more calculated to enrage good people than desecrating this memorial. They have defaced the names of husbands, sons, Fathers and comrades in arms. This almost cannot help but illicit a primal response.

This, I'd hazard a guess, is why they did it.

It is also why my fellow righties had best calm down.

Heretefore our counterprotestors have generally acted pretty damned well....certainly they have done little to validate the moonbats stereotypes and the moonbats IMHO have frequently come off looking far worse in comparison.

The moonbats NEED one or more of us to fufill their delusions of persecution on national television.

They NEED one of us to act out of rage and live down to their stereotypes....They get bonus points if one of them is punched by a veteran.

The moonbats as usual are acting like spoiled children in a room with a crayon and a wedding gown.

The fact that they know they are hurting people and take glee in it is no matter.

The cameras will be rolling, we had best be the adults.


(Well, my fellow righties had best suck it up and behave, I'm off the hook as I'll be guarding the coast this weekend.)

Update: Welcome Murdoc Online readers! Note that I'm not criticizing people for pointing this out (it's not like the traditional media is covering it) and Murdoc is surely not trying to start a riot. However, this is such a low blow we need to be extra careful lest we recieve a self-inflicted black eye.


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1 I think you're spot-on, Ken. My position is usually just to point this jackassery out to remind folks what we're up against, but there's no doubt that some would use it as an excuse to bust some heads. I visited a demonstration by the Westboro Baptist loons outside a funeral for a Michigan soldier last year. It was tough not to hurt people.

But that's what they want. We have to be smart and strong.

Posted by: Murdoc at Thu Sep 13 20:36:00 2007 (N+Lui)

2 Oh. Brother. Hey, Ken, this guy's a Lefty.

Posted by: Thom at Fri Sep 14 14:45:01 2007 (3jLID)

Oh. Brother. Hey, Ken, this guy's a Lefty.

Hmm....He seems more like a liberal to me. There are lots of liberals in the Military. We are a pretty diverse bunch. More to the point, I certainly don't get the impression that SGM Myers would deface a war memorial.

Thus he's not who I'm talking about.

There are lots of people who are for perfectly principled reasons opposed to this Ron Paul, Jerry Pournelle....they tend not to be lefties since this is exactly the sort of nation building excersize that lefties, in theory, support if a prez has a "D" after his name.

Exceptions abound. There are of course some lefties opposed to the war who are genuinely consistent in this regard. I disagree with them but I respect them (and I spent the weekend with some very pleasant representatives of them).

That doesn't change the fact that the silence on this sort of asshattery is as inappropriate as it is telling. I don't think that the fellow you link to would approve of this sort of behavior....He likely didn't approve of the treatment the hard left probably gave him when he returned from SEAsia.

Nor does it invalidate my point that if one of the people on my side of the aisle acts on this they will get far more coverage that the act itself, thereby further undermining the war effort. Regards the merits of that concern, your mileage may vary, but I touched on it here.

Thanks for commenting. Your music is cool BTW.

Posted by: Ken Talton at Fri Sep 14 21:19:44 2007 (V5zw/)

4 Dang - I wish you were as reasonable in your post as you are in the comment. And SGM Myers is a poster at DKos, and his own site. The fact that you have a problem seeing him as a "Lefty" I think is part of the problem. (How many Repubs in Congress have served in the military?) And when you lump all of us who are openly against this war in with the people who would do something like this - and it wasn't even confirmed as vandalism at the time (it has been determined to be today) - you offend people like him too. That's my point. And I'd like to see a post from him about coming home. I believe you've been duped about the treatment of returning soldiers then - good God, most of them were drafted, and a whole lot of 'em, even if they did enlist, opposed the war. The story doesn't make sense on so many levels. There's been plenty of stories debunking it - but you'd have seen them, I guess. And I don't think you'll see it as even possible - but who knows: maybe someone on the Right did it in the first place. It'd work well, right before the GoE counter-protest, wouldn't it? I'm being very cynical, I know. But I'm talking about people who have called me a traitor for four years now for the simple act of expressing my objections to this war - why would I put anything past them? Thanks for the comment on the music. First RW blogger to go there. Appreciated. LT

Posted by: Thom at Mon Sep 17 18:14:44 2007 (3jLID)

5 I see no real difference in reasonableness (izzat a word?) between the post and the comment.

I respectfully disagree with most of the  premises in your latest comment, but one thing in your comment did get up my nose...

Regards the treatment of returning vets, this Ministry of Truth crap is getting tiresome.

You have been duped.

There are plenty of stories debunking it...they are exceedingly limited in scope or are they are lies by people trying to whitewash their past or assuage a guilty conscience.

My father was spat at...he was in the Coast Guard and never served in 'Nam (though like the POTUS, he requested to go there). Service members were ordered not to wear their uniforms off base in some parts of the country (including DC) because they would be (and were) attacked with weapons rather more formidable than saliva.
I am just old enough to remember the hippies trying to pick a fight with my dad because of his uniform.

As to the frustration that I am lumping you all in together....
If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.

There is little that can be done about that, but given your generally civil nature and obvious talent you should abandon the dark side (Blogger)and come to the south seas paradise of Mee.Nuvia.....

Posted by: Ken Talton at Mon Sep 17 20:19:43 2007 (V5zw/)

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