June 30, 2007

Burning Rage Boys

 Thankfully, the attack in Scotland today by the burning rage boys was ineptly executed, but the increased vigilance is certainly warranted.

  The Brits, as always, seemed to handle it with stride. Mr. Clarkson, by his actions, may have not just saved lives, he may have helped provide an intelligence coup as this is the rare case of a suicide bomber survivor. Had he not punched the terrorist, the asshat might have blown himself up and killed people....or simply burned to death.

Of course now the BBC has reported this capture, (hardly something the public has a right/need to know), so not only do we know of Mr. Clarkson's heroics, the bad guys know of the capture of one of their number and can, flee/ make adjustments/ kill weak links....

The BBC, so impartial they're on the other side.

Of course they are hardly alone in this regard someone else would have likely leaked this info even if they'd been responsible.

More news here.

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