September 11, 2007

6 Years Ago


  I started blogging in March of 2003, so I don't think I ever actually blogged about this.

  On Sept 11, 2001 I got home from work way late, around 8AM. I went home to get a nap. As I walked in the radio announced that there had been a "small plane" hit the WTC.

I thought nothing of it.

  That afternoon I was awakened by my phone and answering machine. It was Yuka Takimori, an exchange student who was my conversation partner. 

   Obviously shaken, she said that she was scared and could not believe what she was seeing....that she couldn't get hold of anyone at school and she wasn't sure what the procedure was for foreginers in America during a war.

She wanted to know if I knew anything and she wanted desperately to give blood. Then she hung up.

I checked the internet but it was exceedingly slow...pretty much frozen.

I called my folks and got no answer.

I turned on the radio and heard screams.

At that point the Drudge Report finally loaded.

 I saw the plane...

...and the headline

...and the radio began to give exposition on the screams.

I called Yuka and then went to the recruiters to check on my packet (they were closed) and then to her apt. The sky was unbelievably clear.

I remember thinking what a beautiful day it was.  

I saw the video for the first time at Yuka's.

We went to the Red Cross but they could accept no more blood.

The next day we found out it was unnecessary anyway.

The night of Sept. 11th we went to the Coley Cantina, and watched the entire Congress sing America the Beautiful...poor comedy now but it gave us hope then.

We had the most lovely weather for weeks...





Shortly afterwards I dropped out of school certain that my application to the CGR would be expedited.

It was not, I required waivers, reassesments and ultimately Congressional intervention to get my army medical records. I did not take the oath until November 2002.

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