June 09, 2009

Shell Game

    The administration is looking to pay 200 million dollars to Palau to have them resettle 17 Chinese Muslim terrorists who have been ordered to be released from Guantanamo Bay. However no one wants them except the Chinese who want to execute them (as they are allegedly members of an Islamic secessionist movement) and the Obama administration, not entirely without merit, balked at that. The solution seems to be to pawn them off on Palau and give the Palau government 200 million dollars to have 17 Islamic (former?) terrorists living in their midst.

    On a purely petty level this is amusing...the administrations solution to keeping them locked up on a tropical island is to move them to a tropical one they can move around on...but most likely never leave. On the other hand this sad tale shows the sort of no-win conundrums with no easy solutions that the President must deal with every day...just as his predecessor did for 8 years. A POTUS has to deal with the options presented him or her by the real world, and those options are usually devoid of any good choices. A President must chose the path that is least bad, both ethically and strategically and that is often a thankless task indeed.

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