December 08, 2020

Chuck Yeager Has Slipped the Surly Bonds of Earth

General Chuck Yeager, the first man to break the sound barrier has passed away at 97. 

A veteran of WW2 and Viet Nam he was a test pilot from 1945-1957 where he ran many of the most cutting edge aviation designs through their paces in an era when the envelope of performance was being pushed to the limit and learning was by doing and making mistakes.

Yeager is best known for the first piloted flight past mach one, but was awarded many honors including  the, Air Force Distinguished Service Medal the Army Distinguished Service Medal, 2 Silver Stars, 2 Legion of Merit awards, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses, a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.

After retirement as a Brigader General, he set several civilian aviation records, worked on the commission investigating the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger, acted as a technical advisor to Electronic Arts and was engaged in numerous educational initiatives. in 2012, on the 65th anniversary of his historic flight, he recreated it, in an F-15. 

Passing away at 97, he lived a long, wondrous and fruitful life, but he was an American icon who will be sorely missed. 

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December 02, 2020

Walter Williams 1936-2020

One of the wisest and most sane men of our age has left us. Walter E. Williams, Professor of economics at JMU, syndicated columnist, radio personality and inspiration for so many of us, passed away this morning of as yet unknown causes, aged 84. 

 He came from the direst and most hopeless poverty, served his country in Korea, went on to pursue an academic career and eventually became one of the most respected minds in America. 

His books can be purchased here, they are worth it. Some of his wisdom can be gleaned here. We as a nation have suffered a loss that is hard to describe. A show he did for PBS can be found here and there is an interview with him here

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