February 23, 2011

On the Christchurch Quake

This is pretty bad, it was  hasn't gotten all that much coverage here given what is happening in the Middle East right now and the silliness in Wisconsin, but this quake seems to have done an inordinate amount of damage. The death toll is 75 and climbing. It is likely to climb much higher.

 The area is being wracked by aftershocks as well. Check out this animation of the earthquake history since the main quake.

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1 Yeah, it was a bad one, even for a city well-prepared for earthquakes.  The epicentre was shallow and almost directly under the city.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Thu Feb 24 00:55:12 2011 (PiXy!)

2 Like Pixy said - shallow and nearby. Compare with Kobe, Japan.

NZ civil defense seems to be holding up well, though - not much info on outside help coming in. At least not that I've heard.

Posted by: UtahMan at Thu Feb 24 20:02:45 2011 (p1tb6)

3 There were some rescue teams flown in from Japan, Australia, the USA and Chile.

 Note that at 30 kts it takes 6 DAYS to get to Christchurch from Pearl Harbor. So the earliest that US sealift would arrive is tomorrow. However, the only vessels that can do that speed for 6 days are the CVNs which New Zealand normally won't allow in their waters, (though they may make an exception in this case as water and electricity are two things a CVN can provide in vast amounts). 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Feb 25 14:05:59 2011 (EJaOX)

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