August 18, 2009

Blegging 4 Halp

I thought I might have solved my aformentioned money problem on this vacation.

But my cunning plan resulted in me being in possession of possibly the most useless item in all of Japan.

A Western Union Money Order.

Does ANYONE out there know where a black and yellow money order can be cashed? (Preferably in the Tokyo area)

In return...

Fundage aside, things are good....

...except for the fact that even on this side of the Pacific, the malevolent creatures that eat one sock at a time are lurking about the dryers.

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone but Western Union is just not spoken in Japan. There USED to be Western Union services through Suruga Bank but no more. No one I talked to in the banking district would deal with the thing. Roman albums or Super Robot Wars game for Ken. Oh well.

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1 Ken, Does your bank have a Tokyo office?  Maybe they can cash the money order. 
Also, a quick google search shows the Suruga bank is Western Union's agent in Japan.  Hope this helps.  If Bob is with you tell him John C. says hi

Posted by: Jccarlton at Tue Aug 18 06:43:19 2009 (mKHVN)

2 This is no guarantee (at all) but have you tried a large branch of one of the major banks?  Citigroup has a monster branch in Shinjuku, just down the street from Kinokuniya.  Even foreign banks undergo a process of "Japanese-ification" and can operate a little oddly, but this is a very large branch and has fluent English speakers, at least.  I cashed a Wells Fargo bank draft from San Francisco there about 10 years ago with no real problems.

Posted by: Toren at Tue Aug 18 18:45:42 2009 (dYQ1U)

3 I agree with Toren. I had a friend in a similar fix with money orders a few years ago, although admittedly not with Western Union, and he was able to get them cashed at the large Citibank branch in Ikebukuro.

I would try either that one or the one in Shinjuku, as they are the most likely to be knowledgeable and able to help with foreign currency items like this.

Posted by: 0rion at Tue Aug 18 19:47:49 2009 (k9G8D)

4 Transvestites?

Posted by: Les at Wed Aug 19 02:43:16 2009 (QSKa/)

5 Cosplayers.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Wed Aug 19 08:00:25 2009 (3IJ3A)

6 Ken,
I might have a solution to your problem.
Email me and I will get back offline.
John C..  

Posted by: Jccarlton at Thu Aug 20 18:07:19 2009 (mKHVN)

7 Ken,
I've been reading your blog for sometime now.  In a small world I used to know you (and Bob) at World's Best back about ten years or so ago.
I'm coming to Ikebukero for vacation next week(arr Wed night),  my bank card works(today) and I would like to make a deal if you want to touch base.  Basically I'm looking for an expediter as I only have a week and while I have been to japan before having somebody with more experience help to grease the wheels would be a big help.   In exchange I'll buy your money order.  Email me if your intersted and we can make arrangements to get in touch.  I need to know before tommorow because I leave Tuesday EST and I don't have a laptop.

Posted by: Jcarlton at Sun Aug 23 09:26:27 2009 (mKHVN)

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