September 11, 2008

There are those who hate the civilized world and everything it stands for with such a malignant intensity that they will gladly immolate themselves and even their children to kill us. For 7 years we in this country have been, through skill or providence, fortunate in avoiding any severe attacks by these foes.This has caused some to slip into the comfortable denial of forgetting that these medieval throwbacks cannot be reasoned with, talked down or appeased  except to the extent that these deceitful fanatics will use any truce to regroup and prepare more damaging attacks.

The only productive action we can take towards these fiends is to kill them, giving them no rest, no respite, no chance to regroup and to keep killing them until they are no more.

There are those who, due to faith, ideology, opportunism or hopelessness, are undecided about the merits of joining or giving aid to these monsters. We must demonstrate via charity and example that we are we not the cruel oppressors that this enemy and our own spoiled malcontents claim we are. We must also demonstrate through force of arms that the path of these fanatics  is not to the resurgence of an imagined glorious past, but to a vain death that will bring these medieval throwbacks and their allies nothing but agony and the ignominy of the ages.

To the extent that we shirk from this we not only endanger ourselves, we betray our children. For 7 years we have been fortunate, but that fortune did not extend to the tourists in Bali, the, children of Beslan or the passengers of SuperFerry 14. These beasts still lurk and plot, and while they may no longer have the force of arms that our ancestors beat back by the narrowest of margins at Grenada, Lapento and Vienna, technology has placed terrifyingly close to their reach weapons and tools that can rend our cities.  We forget this, or deny it, at our peril. It has been 7 years since we noticed that the war that almost ended western civilization centuries ago was still going on. We would do well not to forget this again before the job is finished, lest our next reminder be far more painful than the last.

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