September 19, 2019


Last time Houston got anything like this much rain Ubu Roi nearly got washed away.

Stay dry Ubu.

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September 08, 2019

Dustbury Has Passed.

Charles G. Hill, better known as the writer at Dustbury, passed away today due to injuries received in a recent car accident.

I did not know him personally, though he occasionally did me the great compliment of commenting here.

I know very little about him other than that he served in the army for six years in the mid '70s and he'd been entertaining the world with his blogging for the past 23 years. Yes, he started before blogging was even a word.

His site was eclectic, silly and literate. Through it Mr. Hill brought smiles to a great many faces.

The world is a bit less quirky tonight.

He will be sorely missed.

There's more here.

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September 04, 2019

A Note to Our Canadian Readers

 Those of you in Newfoundland and the Maritimes are probably looking at the wind speeds of a category 1 or 2 Hurricane and thinking "we get Nor'easters as bad as a that, no big deal!"

Well these are much different sorts of cyclones. They are wetter, dropping insane amounts of rain when they hit land, and they have significantly more storm surge than a North Atlantic storm of comparable wind speed. This thing looks like it will be Category 1 or 2 when it hits Canada. If so, it will surprise you.
Please. Take it seriously. If Dorian follows this track, it is going to be a bad time in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland early next week. 

On a personal note. A hurricane eye is slated to pass right over my parents house again for the second time in 10 months. They'd JUST finished repairs on the barn.

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