March 22, 2009

That is Not a List....

..nor is the ship rolling.

That is the damage to the sail of USS Hartford  from here recent collision with USS New Orleans. There is a good discussion of this that includes informed opinion over at Bubbleheads place.

Scuttlebutt over there is that the submarine rolled over 80 degrees.
That is one tough boat.

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Man, there was one picture of it at Bahrain which makes it look like the sail is bent to starboard by a good 5 degrees.

Really lucky they didn't spring a leak! But how in hell do you repair something like that? Somehow I doubt they'll be repairing it in Bahrain, except minimal patching. Looks like that sub's going to have to go back to Electric Boat for some serious work.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sun Mar 22 12:35:29 2009 (+rSRq)


This blog post has some discussion in comments. They suggest it's possible the boat may not get repaired. Instead it would be pushed to the top of the line of LA boats to be retired and replaced by a Virginia.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Mon Mar 23 02:17:04 2009 (+rSRq)

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