June 24, 2007

Last Moments of HMAS Sydney

 Well this is an interesting bit of  history.

 Reinhold von Malapert, who was the Signals officer of the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran, has died.

The Kormoran is the only auxiliary cruiser to have sunk a full cruiser in history, though she was herself sunk in the battle.
The Australian Cruiser Sydney had a sterling record during WW2.....until she was  lost with all hands in WW2....sunk by Kormoran .

Malapert had never discussed the sinking until last year. He succeeded in getting the survivors in the lifeboat under his charge to safety.

Read the whole thing.

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June 17, 2007

Why we Have Coast Guards

Via Murdoc

The Front Fell Off

Having seen the actual interview this was parodying ...I can say that the main difference is in the timing.

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June 01, 2007

Some Comfort For Latin America

Via EagleSpeak comes news that the Hospital ship Comfort is underway to provide medical assistance throughout Latin America.

Instead of rushing to a crisis, as it did in New Orleans and the Persian Gulf on recent deployments, the ship is beginning a carefully choreographed 120-day tour of Central and South America that will take it to 12 countries with varying medical and humanitarian needs.

First announced by President Bush during a visit to Latin America in March, the mission is as much about diplomacy as medicine and has caused the ship and the Navy to recast the vessel's fundamental function.

Whereas past deployments called for crewing and equipping the Comfort as a floating emergency room for treating war casualties or disaster victims, the ship's commanders have essentially scrapped the old rulebook and outfitted the vessel as a delivery vehicle for routine medical services on land, from vaccinations and eyeglass distribution to dental checkups and minor surgeries.

Not much coverage of course, it's the wrong sort of news. But it is something to take note of. There is much to be annoyed with regards this administration, but there is frequent evidence that hearts are in the right place.

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