January 23, 2009

Battlewagon Blogging

CDR Salamander has a weekly feature called Full Bore Friday that deals with maritime heroism of both individuals and units. It's always worth a read. This week he focuses on the battleship USS Washington.

Washington saw more action than any other US Battleship in history and was for a time the only operational allied Battleship in the Pacific theater.
 CDR Salamander has fine overview as well as the after action report of the second battle of Savo Island where Washington sent the IJNS Kirishima to the bottom.

Go read the whole thing and add CDR Salamander to your link list.

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I visited Battleship Cove in Massachusetts. First I went on USS Lionfish, a WWII fleet submarine. Then I went on USS Joseph P. Kennedy, a 1950's era destroyer. Finally I went onto USS Massachusetts.

It is frankly astounding that anything that big made of steel can float, let alone steam as fast as it really was capable of moving. And if it could float and move, it seems incredible that anything could stop it, by sinking it. I know from my histories that it's possible, but I don't think I'm capable of imagine what kind of frightful violence would be needed, such as how big an explosion it would have to be.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Sun Jan 25 00:41:26 2009 (+rSRq)

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