August 17, 2010

Yotsugi Crib

One of my neighbors directed me to this Japan Times article on Yotsugi Crib.

It turns out that I'm staying in Sadao Saitos' old room. He left the week before I arrived.

Here is a picture looking into room 8....

...I keep the computer on the bed when I'm awake in part to clear the tiny desk for studying. As the bed is at my shoulder level its actually more comfortable to stand when on the computer anyway. (The chair and table are sized for an American elementary school. ) The two bags in the middle of the rack under the bed keep my nonperishable food items ( mostly curry sauce, Ramen cups and irradiated rice) off the floor and away from any vermin.

Views of my office...

...Tiny desk is tiny...but I have a desk!

This picture, taken by holding the phone against the wall, over the desk while standing outside the room, gives a good sense of scale, via the shirts, slippers and suitcase.

Clean laundry on hangars or in suitcase, dirty laundry in bag...see mom? I CAN keep them straight! 
There is no vent in this room and therefor no ventilation aside from having the door open. This room has the only non sliding door on the #104 side and opening it more than a crack blocks the hall, so the fan was a very welcome purchase. ( ~20 bucks at Don Quixotes...I even got a floor discount!). I imagine it is quite pleasant in the winter though.

Bedtime sees the computer migrate to the desk of course. The folded up dungarees are my pillow and the bare linoleum is about as luxuriously soft as one would expect, but I'm too broke to justify buying a futon and besides, the heat would make any bedding really rank really quickly. If you choose this place bring a sleeping bag, which can be washed in the futon washer at the coin laundry around the corner.

The heat ensures no sheet is needed and the fan even keeps it from being too unpleasant.

The common area is tiny and used by both sides as there are 15 people living in the two units and kitchen/refrigerator space is at a premium.

There is, off camera, two large dorm fridges, a TV, a microwave and a rice cooker stored in the pantry just visible to the right. I should point out that all the toilets are western style, so the place is ahead of the curve to begin with.

There are 4 showers each with a tiny  changing room slightly larger than a phone booth. Remarkably, the shower stalls themselves are very roomy American sized showers with powerful vent fans and glorious waterpressure. These are the biggest shower stalls I've seen at any hostel in Japan.

This particular one consumed a can of Ajax and a plumbers snake shortly after I arrived. Several of the tourists seem to think that it is the landlords job to clean up after them....This is not the case.  It is also important to remember that about half of the people here have jobs and HAVE to get there on time, so if one is a tourist please show a little courtesy to those who are actually on a schedule.

Yotsugi Crib is super Spartan but perfectly livable, especially if one is a tourist on a budget or a student. In either case one will not be in ones room that often as one will be out seeing and doing stuff.  For 28,000 yen it is about the cheapest room one can find. Even 18,000 yen for one of the 'Rukia specials'

... gives one a private space.

The only places I've seen cheaper are shared rooms and barracks type accommodations. This is to my mind a rather better option.

Just remember when following the directions given that Yotsugi Crib is not a stand alone guest house but is located in rooms 104 and 105 of Crest Plaza Apartments. This is important.

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