August 09, 2010


My JR Rail Pass has kicked in today!

All the JR lines are now free for the next 20 days as are the bullet trains. My finances are limited to around 40000 yen for the rest of the trip so only one or two hotel stays are possible but I can travel much farther afield. 

Comiket 78 is the 12th, I stopped by Gamers today to pick up the program and discovered that its price has more than doubled from last year to 4600 yen (over 50 bucks!) This takes a big bite out of my available funds so unless I can figure out what is wrong with either my ATM card or my vacation pay and get the missing money I'll be going to that show blind (If I go at all). 

My camera was indeed left in the other bag when I consolidated my luggage to avoid extra bag fees. It is in the mail and I should have it by weeks end. I'm going to take my laptop down to N-Cafe (which I just learned has laptop service) this week and try to re-download a widget to access the pics on my blackberry. One way or another there will be pictures here in a few days. 

Today there is much rain. So, given that parks, castles, and general roaming are out of the question I'm going to be zipping between shops in Akihabara...because I'm enough of a geek that I need to  visit these places at least once on a trip. 

On the `domestic` front:
My very quiet Japanese neighbor introduced himself to me and made good use of his limited English to accurately announce that "OH MY GOD YOU ARE SOOO FAT...You are SOO TAAAAL." " Why you come Japan when you are so OLD!?" He also thanked me for cleaning the shower and admonished me for buying toilet paper which he feels is the landlords job and (I gather) having tenants buy TP will encourage the landlord to shirk his duties. (I should note that no other tenants have complained).

Walking to the station in the rain, I noticed that today was trash day but it took looking for me to figure out WHICH trash day it was. No one had taken out the trash last week and It really needed to go out. However, this neighborhood has a 4 category recycling program and only the correct category can be put out.

Now I was not provided with a chart or calender soooo...I poked about the neighbors trash and convinced myself that BURNABLE-KITCHEN WASTE was the right one to put out. I should have this all figured out by the time I come back. I need to get a trash calender if no one else in my wing is gonna do this. 

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1 Either a trash calendar or a cattleprod.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Aug 10 08:28:53 2010 (PiXy!)

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