August 13, 2009

Missing Komiket

I've been laid up sick the last 2 days so I am begging off the first day of Komiket 76. I dearly wanted to see the opening ceremonies but it would be downright rude to bring such gifts as coughs, aches and post nasal drip to 300,000 other fans.

This is the last Komeket before the censorship/doujinshi crackdown this October, so this may be the end of an era. Therefore IF I'm feeling better I'll  go tomorrow or Sunday. However, I understand from the brochure that photos are highly restricted..

I'll be buying a bike this weekend. Then heading farther afield.

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1 Censorship/doujinshi crackdown this October? What's that all about?

Good luck at Comiket if you go. I've never been, but it sounds like a daunting experience, especially if your Japanese is less-than-fluent.

Posted by: Andrew F. at Fri Aug 14 01:23:36 2009 (VbNCn)


It remains to be seen how effective it is, but a certain industry group of game developers have said that they're going to stop including rape, torture, and child molestation in their games.

It isn't binding on doujinsoft, and hasn't got anything to do with manga at all. It appears to be something this industry group is doing voluntarily because they fear that if they don't the Japanese government will impose even more strict limits on them.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Fri Aug 14 11:46:12 2009 (+rSRq)


Steven's assesment of the crackdown was pretty much what I had heard until recently.

Over the last few weeks I've heard that doujinshi are going to be affected (somehow) and various other worrisome rumors such as there being actual laws involved rather than an industry group reacting to r@ep gaimz. I'm still trying to nail down some facts before I post on it because a lot of the angst I'm hearing is second hand translations from 2-Chan. This dubious path of information travel means it must first go through the hysteria filter...then the understanding 2-Chan-ese filter...then the Occidental hysteria filter....which then produces fun factoids like like OMG they are banning catgirls....hence my lack of any posts on this.

My fever broke this afternoon. I'm stiff and still have an occasional cough, but I dont hurt and am not dizzy. I'm well enough to make it to the cybercafe and I just ate. If I'm up to a 300,000 person que tomorrow morning, I'll head out to Tokyo Big Sight to see what he fuss is about.

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Sat Aug 15 03:43:12 2009 (HxT46)

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