August 17, 2010


Been a bit off for two days.

I Could not log on yesterday as the Japanese internet said the blog did not exist.

I overslept a wide margin...In fact I slept almost 17 hours.
Funk was due in part to dehydration, sunburn and blisters and also due to bad news from school that is unrelated and therefore is hidden behind spoiler the spoiler tag.

As I've mentioned previously, ODU has also formally stopped recognizing CLEP credits.

I don't mind the fact that I've had to drop out several happens...but this is pure maliciousness.

I'm already having to retake classes because most of my transfer credits have been retroactively rejected (though in fairness there weren't many of those) or because I took the clases too long ago.

I have options of course. I can drop the minor...or the major as, by a fluke of scheduling,  I'm closer to getting a major in Asian studies than a major in Oceanography. However, I really did not spend the last decade and a half trying to get a degree that ends in "Studies".  My other option is to storm into the deans office with a bag of angry weasels and a glue gun, but my current location rather precludes that option.....

Tomorrow I plan to be leaving early for Kurihana, and Kamakura. Wednesday or Thursday I'll be hitting the bullet trains on a two day bumble, though I'm still undecided as to which way I'm headed, north or south. I've got 11 more rail pass days, and the Typhoon and its associated rains are now quite cleared up. Money is tight but hotels in Japan are pretty cheap.

Next week I'm going to try to  get my Fuji pole.

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1 I love travelling by train.  If I ever make it to Japan, I could happily spend a month doing nothing else.  Bullet trains, old slow lines through the countryside, regular suburban services (outside of rush hour).

On the other thing - I'm reminded of my university: All the engineering and science students were required to have a certain number of credits in arts courses to graduate.  Arts students of course had no requirement to take any science or engineering classes at all.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Tue Aug 17 14:07:10 2010 (PiXy!)

2 Five minutes after you graduate nobody will care what you had a minor in. Unless you're planning to apply to graduate school, in which case it is more like ten minutes.

Posted by: Jonathan Tappan at Wed Aug 18 20:04:06 2010 (7wFYN)

3 I am so sorry about this, Ken. Even though my father is a professor, I think a good deal of what goes on at universities is just a scam. And he does, too. The ridiculous jumping through hoops, acceptable credits one, day, unacceptable the next.

I dumped higher learning the second time when I realized I would never be able to earn back the investment. I do not get jobs based on my degree.

That said, you are so close. Hang in there!

Posted by: Colleen at Sun Aug 22 14:52:37 2010 (wyUSq)

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