August 04, 2008

A Few Quick Pics

I woke up around 5AM. Rather than interfere with the toilet\shower cycles of 20 families with 2 showers and 4 toilets I waited until 8 by which time I figgured that most people would be done. In the meantime I finished arrainging /cleaning the room and watched the NHK morning news.

I understood very little except that some people here are upset that the USS Houston is in port, there was either another mass stabbing or a serial killer was caught, there was an awful escalator accident (!?) yesterday, a big rig drove off an elevated highway and caused mass pandemonium for the morning commute is hot in a nothern subtropical region in August.

After dealing with the shower I went shopping for a few more sundry items, came back, studied Japanese a bit...practiced my Kanji a bit and then headed out and wandered the neighborhood.


I noted that the streets were, if anything even more narrow in this part of town.....traffic volume is much higher here so the lack of sidewalks is downright harrowing.

This boys and girls, is a 2 way street...

I discovered Kaiju Begonias...


...and a bit of information that must be kept from Wonderduck at all costs...

I was shocked to stumble upon this, right next to what appeared to be a cement plant....


....Holstiens! 2 dozen of them! It`s a working dairy .

The walk was cut short by a thunderstorm...that is lasting rather longer than it ought to.. It is still pouring as I type this in a fortuitously located webcafe (just outside the train station) which is why I`m blogging at all.

Tomorrow I continue my neighborhood wanderings and in the afternoon  start making use of this rail pass. Day after tomorrow or thereabouts, I`m going rather farther afield...posting will be light.

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I'll freely admit to being confused.  Why must "Yamanami" be kept from me?  Or is that where you're living, and you don't want Japanese wing of the Anadatae Liberation Front to pay you a visit?

Posted by: Wonderduck at Mon Aug 4 18:21:47 2008 (gwUM9)

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