May 23, 2022

10 Weeks

A U.N. study of the upcoming food shortage has determined that there is currently about a 10 weeks supply of grain on the planet. 

 I knew this was coming, and had heard about rationing being set up in places like Spain and Egypt but I honestly thought we'd have 'till September or October. 

 Art by TaekwondoNJ

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1 Among other factors not include...Just how much grain supply that are either sitting on the fields waiting to be harvested, or sitting in the holds of bulk freighters enroute to their destination ports, were not counted so a group of lazy UN analysts could wake-up that morning in their 4 star hotel and realized that they had a report due later that afternoon?

Posted by: cxt217 at Mon May 23 16:23:53 2022 (MuaLM)

2 Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are the minor Rogation Days, when every parish was supposed to go around the boundaries driving out demons, praying for the crops, and praying against various possible disasters. (And having nice drinks afterward.)
You also got to carry a cool dragon banner or Snapdragon float/puppet, symbolizing the Devil trying to stop you. On the third Rogation Day, the dragon banner or float got moved to the end of the procession in disgrace, symbolizing Christ's defeat of the Devil. And then the next day was Ascension Thursday, with feasting. 
Rogation Days are celebrated in some rural parishes in the US, often with help from pickup trucks for the procession.
I think the last few years have made people more interested in praying against disasters.

Posted by: Suburbanbanshee at Tue May 24 08:36:30 2022 (sF8WE)

3 Theoretically, I should be skeptical of world grain supply estimates, even  if I didn't already suspect that the bureaucracy in question was full of knaves and morons.

The larger the aggregation, the more we should suspect estimates not usually made.  Routine estimates are sometimes eventually adjusted so that the methodology actually produces useful results, but just as easily Goodheart's law makes them worse. 

In practice, estimating  use rate of food is partly a population estimate, and  there are reasons to think population estimates may be wildly high.

I dunno what will happen.  I would be a bit surprised if the globalist number diddlers have a correct idea. 

Posted by: PatBuckman at Tue May 24 16:08:45 2022 (r9O5h)

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