June 09, 2015

Customer Service

A recent filler post generated more comments than any other in the history of this blog. While I do not, in general, subscribe to the creative fallacy that is "chasing the hit"; filler posts are generally compensation for a lack of regular content. Thus, it seems prudent and polite to take stock of what is generating reader interest. 

After careful analysis of both the content of the much discussed post and its comments to determine the precise focus of my reader's interest,  I have tentatively ruled out the Moon Pies. 

With that in mind, here, gentle reader, is another short girl with an atypical body type who is sporting a ribbon...

Source Unknown!

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June 07, 2015

The Top Story On Drudge

......, as I type this, is that a horse has won the Triple Crown.

This does not seem to meet the requirements of "News".
If a Galapagos Tortoise had won the Triple Crown now THAT would be news, if only because said victory would be indicative of serious issues with the horses and quite possibly fraud on behalf of the tortoise.

Of course such newsworthy information would likely be ignored in that case and the lede would be speculation as to whether the tortoise identified as a horse*...which would dominate the news cycle for a week. 

I bring this up because, while the story might warrant a mention and could even be a top tier story on a slow news day, today is not one of hose days. 

There was a Bomb threat at a meet and greet for the republican presidential candidates.

The Chinese have announced that "ALL OF YOUR BRIBABLE SECRETS ARE BELONG TO US!"

On a recent test, to see if they could stop terrorists, the TSA got a 95%...FAILURE RATE.

A U.S. government customs helicopter was shot down Friday over Laredo Texas while pursuing drug smugglers. The anti-aircraft fire came from across the border in Mexico.  The helicopter reportedly took three hits one of which was in the engine. 

. The shooting came from the Mexican side and all individuals fled and got away. The individuals on the U.S. side also got away into the state of Texas.

But hey...a horse has won a horserace. 

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