June 28, 2021

Discovery Will Be Fascinating

 World Health Organization Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan is being sued and faces contempt charges for allegedly concealing the efficacy of the drug Ivermectin against COVID 19. Thousands of Indians may have died as a result of Ivermectin treatments being discontinued as a direct result of Dr. Swaminathan's recommendation to halt its use. 

If she looses this she faces the real possibility of being convicted of Aggravated Crimes against Humanity,meaning in India she could face the death penalty.  

A lawsuit already filed  by the Indian Bar Association alleges that she lied under oath and deliberately concealed studies that proved it to be a safe and effective prophylactic and treatment against COVID-19. They cite the Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance which has been lobbying hard to reinstate treatments and to that end has amalgamated numerous studies that conclude the drug works and is safe


Hydroxychloriquine and Ivermectin may very well have been shelved for purely political reasons. That is certainly what it looks like with 20/20 hindsight from what is admittedly a layman's perspective. Given the timing of the discontinuation and the death toll , it does not seem unreasonable to this blogger that upwards of a million people may very well have died as a result of these drugs becoming gauche and being discontinued in the wake of Trump touting them . 

I base this on the assumption that since both drugs were cheap and available, most people could have been given them had their use not have been proscribed. This is especially rue in places like India where they are in wide use for treating various tropical parasites. 

A seven digit death toll  is hardly the sole responsibility of one bureaucrat. There are many, many people amongst government, industry, the medical profession and those who curate social media who stifled the news that these drugs could have made all the difference.

One can hope that they will receive their due scrutiny and a just reward for their actions.  

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June 15, 2021

People Sometimes Refer to Covid-19 as China's Chernobyl

Unfortunately, a developing situation in Guandong Province may be a better candidate for that dubious title.

It appears that a nuclear plant, partially owned by a French company, has, possibly, started leaking radioactivity. The French company, Framatome, has warned of an   "imminent radiological threat” and their people seem to be....rather anxious. 

China, on the other hand, says that nothing is wrong and that"Two reactors have since the start of commercial operations been operating according to nuclear safety rules and regulations… currently, regular monitoring data shows the Taishan station and its surrounding environment meet normal parameters,” as reported and translated by the Asahi Shinbun

OTOH, another part of the CCP's response, according to EDF (Framatome's French parent company), has been to raise the allowed radiation readings so as not to cause any distressing alarms to go off. 

But we don't really know WHAT is actually happening. 

China is notoriously opaque in such matters and it is easy to believe in any sort of coverup. After all,  it's not like a Chinese reactor issue is without precedent. 

It's still possible that all these reports represent an over-reaction. The French are saying that there is no melt-down or anything of that nature, and, in any event,  news reports of anything nuclear tend to be rather breathless.

However, the French (who are involved) and the Japanese (who are potentially downwind if it gets bad) seem to be quite concerned about the situation. 

In any event, this situation bears watching. 

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