November 04, 2007


Todays lesson gentle readers is how to not comment coherently and politely.


I have a tremendous respect for any of those talented souls who are not only creative but the drive and discipline to actually produce these things.

You would never get that impression from what I typed in this post.

Behold my descent into asshattery.

No, I have no idea. Usually I have at least a BIT of tact and sense....

Anyway, here is an open letter to all the writers who have been hosed by their producers not paying them.....

I deeply and profusely apologize for the post.
I actually do side with the creators in this.
I also liked Buffy, Farscape, American Gothic and half a dozen or so additional superb shows that were presumably written by writers.
I have a low opinion of unions based on experience and much of what passes through the production filter in Hollywood out of taste.
I also liked Buffy, Farscape, American Gothic and half a dozen or so additional superb shows that were presumably written by writers.
I firmly believe in the right to work and take a dim view of closed shops as I consider them as monopolistic as any corporation. It is one of my pet peves and the line about those who cross the line never being allowed to work again set me off.
I realize that the situation is quite different here than the picket line I had to cross, and there is unlikely to be the thuggish violence that I faced.
I am on a muscle relaxant and pregnisone and in a bit of pain. This does not in any way excuse my incoherent asshattery. 
Additionally, while I don't think the commenters at Malkins site were particularly out of line (at the time...there have been some vile ones since), compared to much of the stuff discussed there this is of minor importance in the big picture.
IT IS however important to the webmaster and those who are being hosed and are now unable to work and it was gauche in the extreme to point that out here.
I was broad and sweeping in my generalization of the writers producing crap.
I agree fully that creators are by their capacity to create special and absolutely vital to any enterprise especially one that is totally focused on creativity.
I have no doubt that the writers have been hosed by the studios. I know multiple people in the Comic and gaming industries who have had to deal with just not being paid.
It beggars belief that the most crucial linchpin of the whole industry is so poorly compensated.

My fear is that the studios will relocate to other English speaking countries specifically to avoid work stoppages. I don't think for a moment that it is because of the pittance they pay the creators upon whom all their fortunes depend.  I do not approve of this relocation and rereading my post it does appear that I gave the impression that I did.
To all the writers who had the misfortune to read my rude and trollish post I unequivocally apologize for my ill considered remarks.
 I apologize to Colleen for both the insults she took from it and the sullying of her comments section.
  One small consolation, when someone screws up in conversation it can be written off as a bad day.... When a no talent hack gets his ass handed to him by a roomfull of writers on the lasts forever.

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