August 05, 2019

This Says SOMETHING About Peer Review

I'm furiously rewriting my last paper in the O.D.U. library. I was informed last week by my professor that the original topic was unacceptable, since it could not be on a developing news story. 


Anyway, just now, while studying peer-reviewed journal articles on the Chinese String of Pearls Strategy, ie: the notion that China's heavy involvement in port infrastructure projects is setting up not only commercial ties but a global naval support infrastructure.  I checked out a citation on one of the articles I was using and discovered that it was...

Characterizing String-of-Pearls Colloidal Silica by Multidetector Hydrodynamic Chromatography and Comparison to Multidetector Size-Exclusion Chromatography, Off-Line Multiangle Static Light Scattering, and Transmission Electron Microscopy
Brewer, Amandaa ; Striegel, André
Analytical Chemistry, Apr 15, 2011, Vol.83 ( 8 ), p.3068

"Keyword search works best if you read what it turns up." 

Now, the reference is a string of words that contains "string of pearls" but is nevertheless irrelevant to my area of study and the article I was referencing...and the passage it was cited as a reference for. 

And so, that reference is disavowed. 

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