January 29, 2019

OK. This is Going to Annoy Some People

Apparently having learned A lesson from his magazine's recent defenestration of some high-schoolers and the resulting blowback, Kyle Smith over at NRO decides to go after less formidable prey; a fellow who can't defend himself because he's dead. 

You see, there's a new documentary out now that has premiered at Sundance, that regurgitates all the vile allegations against the late Michael Jackson. 

Now, I am very open to believing just about any horrific tale of predation coming out of Big Media. Such atrocities, particularly against children are a real issue that warrants attention and implacable sanction. However, these allegations against Jackson have been pretty much debunked. 

Somewhat to my astonishment, Razorfist of all people seems to consider this matter a personal crusade and has been doing the research the press won't do for at least two years. if you are interested in WHY these allegations are complete BS, well the prime paragon of profanity has got you covered here as well as in the embedded video below which he posted yesterday. 

 Trigger Warning: Rated T for Tourettes 

Here's the thing...
While acknowledging that he was extremely talented, I'm actually not a particular fan of Michael Jackson and, frankly, his effete mannerisms give me hives. However, I also think its important that my hangups not be someone else's problem. 

Something is truly whacked in our society when I (a bit of a social conservative) have to be the one speaking up for whackadoodle eccentrics  and the libertarian blog Instapundit, has as I type this, 131 comments on the matter almost universally supportive of what appears to be a meritless hit piece.

It is crucial to the health of our culture that our society allow eccentric oddballs to exist. That was Michael Jackson's REAL crime. He was a goofy loon who didn't give a tinkers damn about how the scolds and meangrrls thought he should comport himself. I think that he showed poor judgement at times and if there were actual proof of these allegations I'd be on board with digging up his grave and desecrating his corpse. But, there's no proof and a lot of evidence to the contrary. Jackson's good name is being sullied by a bunch of lying lampreys who are, in turn, being facilitated by a culture that has, even more than usual, become the implacable foe of zany bohemians. 

And I'm sick of it.

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