October 24, 2018

These Are Those Crazy Years Heinlein Warned Us About

It's not just Washington, there is crazy all over the country.

In Florida, some middle school girls decided to bring knives to school and were going to cause mischief. 

Well that's sad but not completely unhear....

When asked about motivation, the girls reportedly told police that they were Satan worshipers. According to police, the girls planned to drink their victims’ blood out of the goblet they were found with. They also discussed eating their victims' flesh and leaving body parts at the school's entrance before killing themselves."Killing all of these students was in hopes it would make them worse sinners ensuring that after they committed suicide ... (they) would go to hell so they could be with Satan," the arrest affidavit reads.

They were hiding in the bathroom to pounce on the first and second graders who they were confident they could overpower. 

Fortunately they were not the brightest bulbs on the tree so no one was hurt. 

Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, some dude was caught trying to purchase radioactive material to use as a murder weapon. He is a career criminal and politician known to the police as Segway Boy.

There are those who believe that watching anime and reading comic books has no benefits or applicability to day to day life, but it is really beginning to look like the U.S. has developed a need for at least one Magical Girl and a costumed superhero.

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Reality is actually far more nasty.  I lost the link, but Sarah Hoyt had an article on PJMedia about how a group of girls attending the same school one of her sons attended, conspired in a determine effort to get the kid in trouble (As in, both 'expelled from school' and 'arrested by the police' all on false charges.) because they thought he looked retarded and unattractive.  It also turns out that many, if not most, of the girls were the daughters of teachers and staff at the school district who, at the very least, knowingly condoned and excused their offsprings' behavior.  And these girls were known to track the boy down after he transferred out of the school district, as well as go to the Hoyts' home, and try to make his life a living hell.

I firmly believe that along with other crimes, any child charged with criminal conspiracy should be tried as an adult.  These children almost certainly will never grow up to become decent adults.

Posted by: cxt217 at Fri Oct 26 19:56:28 2018 (LMsTt)

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