October 21, 2019

HIJNS Akagi Found

Discovered yesterday, by the Research Vessel Petrel 18000 feet beneath the surface of the Pacific, the wreck of the flagship of Japan's once implacable Kido Butai sits in the middle of the craters she made when the vessel came to the end of her long fall from grace.

Akagi and her sisters sallied forth expecting to spring a trap and oversee the killing blow against the U.S.N. and the capture of the most important pile of sand and albatross nests in the world. Instead, the loss of of this vessel and 5 others at the hands of a numerically inferior and diffidently equipped scratch force of U.S. Navy planes dumbfounded the Japanese and ended their rampage across the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Over the next three and a half years there would be more battles and the Japanese would even win a few, but this battle ended the Japanese forward momentum and the loss of so many aircrew was a blow from which Japan never really recovered.

Japan's hope for success in her folly ended with the death of Akagi and her sisters.

Kaga was found last week:

There is a very good overview of this battle from the perspective of the Japanese here.

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2 World of Warships joke?

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3 Kantai Collection, more like it.

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4 ...And I was wrong.  Azur Lane.

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7 What's impressive about that one is that they didn't just pick words out of the blog post, they spelled one of them wrong.

Posted by: Rick C at Mon Jan 6 11:34:04 2020 (Iwkd4)

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