January 29, 2021

Well This Bodes Ill

Yesterday there was a bit of confusion regarding Space-X's test flight (which failed to transpire). Specifically,  there were conflicting reports that the FAA had or had not rescinded their flight authorization at the last minute. 

Well, Space-X does appear to be in trouble with at least one other branch of the government, the Justice Department. 

It seems that they are being investigated for workplace discrimination. Specifically, they are accused of refusing to hire non-U.S. citizens

They're gonna be prosecuted for not hiring foreigners at an ITAR sensitive firm, and one of the Few U.S. firms with a global technological lead in its fields.  There is no info on what the nationality is but as this doesn't seem to have been an issue until president Djo Bai Din came into office, I would be very interested in knowing that crucial fact. 

UPDATE: Via Scott Lowther comes this article which contains a SCRID copy of the D.O.J. complaint.  

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January 13, 2021

Good Grief! It's Real.

We covered the rumors of the Kel-Tec P50 before. And expressed skepticism that anything this cool could exist. Commenters reported seeing magazine articles on it, but now there is confirmation from Kel-Tec themselves via The Gun Hipster Network

Sadly, Kel-Tec will not be getting it to market before January 20th, so there is still some doubt as to whether it will ever be available. 

Without handling the thing it's hard to make any judgements on handling, but the mag change looks flakier than it should be, not because its bad in concept, but because it opens SO wide that in the dark it looks like there's too big an area that the mag might go. It's certainly not "hand finds hand".  

Still, that's what practice is for and a pistol shooting 50 rounds of 5.7x28 for under a grand is quite compelling and a potential budgetary hazard. 

I'd been looking at an 1858 Remington, and then THIS goes and happens.  

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