October 26, 2015

In Another Totally and Utterly Unexpected Development...

The death toll in Mexico from the most powerful hurricane ever recorded appears very likely now to be approaching...naught

As a rule I dislike with increasing intensity whenever zeroes show up in these sorts of statistics, unless there's just one of them by itself in which case it's a joyous thing. 

Math is weird that way. 

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October 24, 2015

I Swear....

None of those typos were there when I proofread this morning's posts.

All fixed now...

...so it's time for some JUSTICE!

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Eileen Must Make The Gatekeepers Shudder

Ren'py has improved dramatically since I last poked around with it, (before the computer was hit by lightning). The whole process is even more intuitive than it used to be. The engine now allows mini-games in one's visual novel.

"...and embedded video!"

Eileen (the engine's helpful tutorialbot) doesn't look all that disruptive, but what was once the purview of tech giants and big publishing houses has been freeware for some years and is remarkably user friendly. It's still improving steadily.

Of course, Sturgeon's Law remains in force, so this will result in a lot more crap flooding the market...but this will be a function of a lot more stuff getting made, which means that there will be more potential for those rare gems both by virtue of sheer numbers and the low threshold for experimentation. 

All in all, things like this and other tools may be a bigger development in the long run than people realize. Creators have increasing potential to do an end run around those who today often presume to be custodians of societies creativity and stifle that which they find uncongenial. 

We still have no flying cars or O'Neal colonies, but take heart, Eileen here is proof that our future is not inevitably a dystopia...yet. 

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