May 02, 2022

Pandemonium Imminent.

The supreme court looks to have decided to overturn Roe v Wade in the near future, probably. 

Decision seems to be 5/4 or 6/3. We don't know more because this is a result of an unprecedented leak. (Apparently by a Supreme Court Clerk.)  

Alito, who is more a libertarian than a conservative wrote the opinion and is reasoning is along federalist / separation of powers lines

In response to the leak,  barricades have already been erected outside the court as I type this (~45 minutes after the leak hit the wires) in anticipation of violence. 

Despite the hysteria, this decision (that is theoretical and hasn't even been handed down yet) does not outlaw abortion, but puts the question where it belongs, in the state legislatures. I fear a good dead of blood and treasure will be lost in a hysterical overreaction and in an attempt to intimidate the court. 

UPDATE:  I don't usually spell 'decision' d-e-c-i-o-s-i-o-n. But when I do, I'm generally blogging. Fixed.

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