June 05, 2008

"NEVADA TAN" to be freed.

I can't stop myself from thinking that this is going to be like the "Escape of the Bat Child" for the 4-Channers.

The Sasebo Slasher, referred to by authorities as "Girl A" and better known to many on the internet as Nevada-Tan has reportedly has had her umm... "freedom restrictions" lifted as of Sept.14th.

The girl, now 15, fatally stabbed a 12 year old classmate with a box cutter when she was 11. 
  Because it involved girls of such a young age, this story shocked Japan.
  Because the girl was a gamer, a fan of the film Battle Royale, and frequented some of the more gory nooks and corners of the internet, the  murder  had a similar effect on public perceptions of fandom as the Myazaki killings of the late 80s.

As a testimony to the well adjusted  psychology of these here interwebs, the Otaku connection in this sad tale catapulted the unnamed young girl into celebrity status, inspired morbid fan art like the uncredited piece to the right and massively boosted the sales of  University of Nevada pullovers...I've tastelessly used this meme myself from time to time but it is a good day to reflect on  the forgotten person in all this, Satomi Mitarai, whose life was cut short by the whole sad affair.

I am not a forgiving person when it comes to crimes particularly capital ones, but given her age and the better than even chance that this was actually a vicious catfight that became manslaughter, I hope that this girl can maintain her anonymity and lead something of a normal life.

(..and not stab anybody else.)

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April 10, 2008

An Elephant Painting....

...an Elephant painting.


Snopes says its real.

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March 12, 2008

To Joke About This Would Be....

.... terrible.

But Mark Styen does!

OK, this may be a fake, as Wonderduck points out via private communication, the sheriffs name is Mr. Whipple.

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March 01, 2008


Medea Benjamin, one of the organizers of the code pink protests in Berkeley, knows who to call when she's threatened.

Send in the Marines!!

This tale of hypocritical harridanry comes to us via Chaotic Synaptic Activity who also brings us this inspiring tale from the other end of the ethics scale .

After completing two tours in Iraq, Sgt. Wayne Leyde won $1 million from a scratch-and-win lotto ticket on Tuesday.....

Leyde couldn't believe it when he scratched a winning ticket, but he still plans to return to Iraq.

"It was a commitment I made about three months ago. I'm going to stick to it," Leyde said about his decision.


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February 14, 2008

"No really....I said I'm running a Dwarven Thief."

Yes indeed Brickmuppeteers, it's the old* "hide the dwarf in the luggage so they can rob the baggage car scam".


No, really,  it is an old trick. As Pulpjunkie pointed out when I sent him this story, it was mentioned by Houdini in his how-too book on crime. 

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December 17, 2007

Teh Secrit Orujinz Of IMSpeek

Andrew Carnagie and Teddy Roosevelt wer in ur internets, befor ther wuz wun.

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November 04, 2007


That's the sound of me spewing ITOEN Green Tea in front of the cybercafe baristas....

 I read the article discussed in this post and thought at first it HAD to be a parody.  I read the article....and read it again....checked the URL. Nope it is a legit article....though "legit" may be too strong a word.

Come ON people....I mean LOOK AT THE FRICKING PHOTO!

(The actual caption reads: Though street crime is relatively low in Japan, quirky camouflage designs like this vending-machine dress are being offered to an increasingly anxious public to hide from would-be assailants.)

 Golly willakers! I THOUGHT there were a lot of vending machines over there....I guess I was just not noticing the little tennis shoe shod feets poking from under their cunning disguises.

DAMNIT!! I suck as a ninja!

In all seriousness, this is really kind of alarming.

Bill Keller....put down the crack pipe and move away from the paper.

Actually, when I was in Japan in August, the main thing that people were concerned about crime-wise was a rash of motorcycle thefts.....and children riding double on bikes. One night I missed the last train out of Shibuya, and just wandered the streets of Tokyo for 6 hours overnight. I never felt the need for an ersatz vending machine.
(Though to be honest, I never really gave it any thought)

HT: Chizumatic...who also points out this article that proves that a story can be dumb, bizzare and silly, yet still be actual journalism.

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October 14, 2007

Cold Hollow Husks...

...that appear to be human and prey like lampreys upon those of us with souls are more common than is generally assumed.

This is an extreme example
, but I encountered, both firsthand and with varying degrees of separation, similarly bizarre stories over the past 15 years.
I must say though that this story really is a perfect storm of crazy.
In my (admittedly limited experience) fandom in particular seems rife with this sort of thing.

The victims blog.

The Monster:

via Colleen Doran who has a good discussion in the comments.

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October 13, 2007



The order of the Knights Templar has been absolved of heresey!

It now appears that most of the acusations against the Knights Templar were part of an elaborate scam perpetrated by a French King (Phillip the Fair) who owed them money (and later went on to persecute French Jews).

Fortunately the Vatican has gotten to the bottom of this scandal and cleared their names (of that charge at least).

It only took them....700 years.

More here here and here.

Buy your Templar Gear Here!


(Via Instapundit, who points out that it does put the Duke Rape Case in perspective)

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June 17, 2007

Kawaii...or Kowai?

Johnny Depp VS. A Japanese talent show.


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June 10, 2007

Mac Truck Meets Wheelchair...Hilarity Ensues....


Ben Carpenter got the ride of a lifetime when his electric wheelchair became lodged in the grille of a semitrailer and was accidentally pushed down a highway for several miles at about 50 mph.


Update: It was a Mack truck....not a Mac truck. Steve Jobs is innocent

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