January 10, 2008

Volkwagen 21

A people's car designed under a rather more benign regime than the most famous one....It's nearly as cute and given its price it may well be as successful.

Of course there is another "peoples car" that it might also emulate.

Time will tell.

I'm rooting for the Tata's.
Wait...that's not what I meant!..er..to say out loud.

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1 And on the topic of "People's Cars", one should not fail to mention the English version: The original BMC Mini.

Posted by: Mr. Blue at Fri Jan 11 06:09:38 2008 (qqjN3)

2 HAH!!

I have outsmarted you!
As you have no doubt deduced, I did NOT mention the BMC Mini out of dubiously rationalized spite! Now the tale of the BMC Mini will be unknown to the millions of impressionable viewers of this blog! All your travels, all your blood and sweat and all your efforts shall be in vain! The world will continue in blissful ignorance of the BMC Mini.

 Take that mysterious Mr. Blue!


Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Mon Jan 14 14:46:52 2008 (j9nkb)


If a lightnig strikes it must be true sometimes, it reaches the tank, fuel tank, because its a big metal object, maybe conncted to the fram, and then the lightning goes to another big metal object, the motor, but then the fuelpipe is to small for the current and it breakes and causes a fire.

That was the reason for the Hindenburg disaster and for the rather recent acciden with a modern ship. The fuel line had a lenghtwise crac.  Solution is obvious.

Posted by: sangopadra at Sat Jun 2 07:48:07 2012 (ajpb6)

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