January 30, 2023

Nothing to See Here! This is NOT Happening!

So.  Note the grammatical error to prove an AI didn't write this

Last week Project Veritas released footage of the number 4 man at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals talking up a Grinder date and attempting to impress said date by displaying a knack for psychopathy and mass murder. Specifically, he was talking about Pfizer mutating COVID 19 and releasing new variants into the environment in order to create a market for new vaccine boosters...that would presumably be made to order by Pfizer before hand.

 Reaction Image Goes Here

Of course, WHY, exactly, he thought that revealing that he was working in the proud traditions of Vault Tech, Umbrella Corporation, and Weyland Yutani was gonna get him some sexy-fun-times is unclear. I'd think that anyone turned on by this is probably a bug chaser. 

Additionally, what he was boasting about is not just a summer movie plot, it's an atrocity that if true has resulted in upwards of a million deaths. This is beyond even most of the more lurid conspiracy theories.

Veritas attempted to follow up with the fellow who went kind of bonkers...

He claimed that he had lied....please believe him, he was a liar, and he didn't even work for Pfizer (shockingly that last bit was a lie, as he is an executive at Pfizer meaning that, he is indeed a liar, just as he said he was before he attacked James O'Keefe. So I guess we should believe him...no wait). 

Now as I write this, there seems to be a huge effort to bury this story. Uh...which does not engender the skepticism I wish to feel at this point.

And of course that proves that there's nothing going on. Because such coverups only happen in movies. 

Reaction Image Goes Here

This is how you get clickers. 

I don't know what to believe about this. But given the craziness of the last few years, I'm not nearly as skeptical as I ought to be.  

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January 29, 2023

I'm beginning to think....

...that Velma might not be worth watching. 

I'm not a Scooby Doo fanboy, but like most Americans my age, I'm pretty familiar with the franchise, which was a fairly inoffensive kids show  that had the benefit of explaining, in very kid friendly terms, Occam's Razor. That is; those unusual goings on are probably not actually aliens, tar monsters, or ghost pirates. Instead, there's probably a perfectly mundane explanation, like a real estate scam or something. 
This seems to me to be a good thing to be teaching kids.
Besides killing off the eponymous talking dog, Velma appears, like so much of today's media, to be injecting critical theory into every aspect of the show. Additionally, it seems to have just been vindictively bad. What I mean is, if the reviews are to be believed, every plot point seems designed to insult or piss off fans of the show, which makes me wonder who the target audience for this fiasco actually is. I am spectacularly unconcerned with the race swapping, but basically everything else looks horrid. 

I'm particularly astonished that Ironmouse, one of the most talented indie-V-tubers, who is usually great at improv, finds herself unable to do much more than cuss and describe aspects of the show with dumfounded confusion and horror. 

Both V-tubers note the fact that the cast is in high-school, which is completely inappropriate for the subject matter.

I was not going to watch this show. I don't have enough time to hate watch anything, and doing so would only add to these insane writer's click-count. However, this show seems so monumentally, deliberately bad that it is actually bewildering and warrants some comment. 

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January 09, 2023

A Documentary

Russian combat capabilities have been in the news lately, so, for your edification and some historical context here is some actual film footage of the Russo-Japanese war. 

Note: Authenticity is disputed by some academics.

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Is This Thing Still On?

Is it BACK on? 

Oh good. 

So, a lot has happened since last I posted, let's skim over four things. 

Kari Lake lost her suit alleging that she was cheated out of the governors' race in Arizona.  Well, she did basically prove that she lost due to chicanery, but she ALSO had to prove intent. Which, in the absence of psychics is basically impossible. Significantly, she DID stay out of jail, and paid no fines beyond court costs which the current, dubious, but legally acknowledged governor was pushing for.

Lake had the receipts, much more so than Trump did in 2020, but like Trump, she ran into the issue that our system has little or no capacity to overturn a certified election. 

Neo had timely thoughts on this here and here

I fear this sordid mess will only radicalize people.



For some years whackaloons of all stripes (except the tankies...oddly enough) have been spinning crazy tales of conspiritoria regarding how the "deep state", especially the FBI and CIA have been censoring people and interfering in elections to keep people not in "the club" from political power. Over Christmas, Elon Musk responded to this silly conspiracy theory by providing actual documentation that confirmed everybody's worst fears. Apparently someone did not realize The Lives of Others was a cautionary tale and not a civics lesson. 

It's amusing to watch the Wikipedia page on this change minute to minute. 



We still can't post images, but our crack team of bloggers (Me, myself, & I) are not gonna wait for that to get fixed anymore and are posting again. 

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December 25, 2022

Mission Accomplished

The last brown truck has left the building.

All the presents are out. 

The blog won't let me publish images, and I'm still too tired and busy to type.

But the upcoming week's schedule is.....sane.

Stay tuned. 

The blog is back.

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December 10, 2022

"Ack!" (Thud)

Banality follows:


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December 04, 2022

The Blog Works Again

However, posting will remain light for a time because....well....

In the meantime, stop by from 5:30PM to 8:30 PM (EST) tonight to witness an act of premeditated Regicide as we deal with GOOD KING MOOGLE-MOG THE 12th! @twitch.tv/brickmuppet

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November 27, 2022

About Those Desks

In the previous post's fusillade of excuses, I noted offhandedly that, because of what they are taught in college, today's new hires expect to work at a desk, and not lift desks. 

This may be a self correcting problem, because I suspect there will soon be quite a surplus of desks

This seems in part to be because our "best and brightest" are neither the best, nor the brightest

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"Tap Tap Tap"....... "Helloooo...?..." (Rubs Foot in Dirt Guiltily)

"Is this thing on?"

A reader of the blog reacts appropriately to my lack of sedulity.

Art by Lansane (Support him on Fanbox)


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November 20, 2022

Categorizing the Un-Discussable

Devon Del Veccio has done a superb job of breaking down what fascism is and has divided it into 3 broad categories. He's brought the receipts, with a reading list that is as turgid as it is extensive. 

As it happens, I'm currently slogging through ONE of the mentioned tomes now (Sternhell's The Birth of Fascist Ideology) which, sadly, just seems like something one ought to read nowadays. I marvel at Dev's patience in reading through all these mind-numbingly opaque books.

I've been aware of the broad strokes of the origins of Fascism since the mid-90s but this video goes into specifics that are pretty interesting. 

I've long equated the struggle between Fascism and Communism in the '30s to the religious wars of 16th century Europe.One does not consider Catholics, Orthodox Christians, or, Protestants not to be Christian, though they have different means of attaining the same goal (salvation) yet they fought bloody wars over quibbles about ideology. Leftists, likewise seem to have violent, passionate disagreement amongst themselves about the minutia of how they control people's lives and will bring about their utopia, but to those of us not part of that worldview, they look indistinguishable. 

His discussion of 'post fascism' is likely to raise some eyebrows, since some of the ideologies he mentions as having fringe elements fall under that banner are not intuitively fascist by any means. However, I think a very loose analogy can be made to the difference between the American tradition of a commune, which is a voluntary association of idealistic people working together, (who can, of course leave) and the state having much the same philosophy, which always results in much less genteel outcomes. 

It's an interesting watch at any rate. 

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November 19, 2022

Suddenly! Streamery!

Tonight,  (21:00 EST / 02:30UTC) my internet alter-ego will be streaming on Twitch. After a few announcements and stream business we'll be showing a fully restored version of THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, the German expressionistic horror classic. 

After that, we'll be doing a bit of grinding in La Pucelle Tactics, a JRPG from 2002.

Stop by and say "Hi!" tonight at https://www.twitch.tv/brickmuppet.

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November 15, 2022

Seriously, What Could an Attack on Poland POSSIBLY Escalate Into?

Party like it's 1939 guys

A (probably errant) missile has landed in Poland, killing at least 2. Poland has scrambled jets (as one does when one is hit by missiles) and there is a lot of talk and nattering on about Articles 4 and 5 of the NATO  charter, but as I type this it is ALL talk and nattering. 

Lots of people are saying lots of things but nobody seems to know anything. 

So don't panic...yet.

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November 07, 2022

A Chat With A College Professor

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Back in the Saddle

...or the chair in front of the computer at least.

Having made my way back from the swamps of North Carolina to the abandoned curry mine in the side of an active volcano amongst the dinosaur infested jungles that constitute Vermont on the internet.... I can announce a return to a regular streaming schedule.

While pondering how I neglected to escape from the internet while on hiatus.

Art by Anime-Gum

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October 31, 2022

Bigger Than Watergate. Bigger Than Teapot Dome.

All those crazy-ass, black-pilled conspiracy theories about how elements in the U.S.  government were targeting, cancelling, and censoring individuals just got put to bed, made comfortable, given a good rest, woken up, and fed 23 Red Bulls.

More herehere, here, and here.

This is not really news, as we've suspected this for a while, but it's bigger and worse than many of us have imagined. 

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October 29, 2022

Streamery Update: Halloween Edition

Tonight at 9:30pm EDT (01:30pm UTC) We will be having a Halloween themed "Follow-Thon" as my internet alter-ego hosts a selection of silent horror films. 

Terror Island: a 1920 Thriller Starring Harry Houdini
The Haunted House: A short "Thrillomedy" from 1908
The Phantom of the Opera : The Lon Chaney Classic From 1925
The Portrait: A short horror film from 1916
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde The Classic John Barrymore version from 1920
A Page of Madness: A 1926 Japanese Horror Film that is oh so very much a JAPANESE horror film. 

We'll also be doing a bit of video gaming for our intro and intermission. 

Grab a drink and a snack and come by and visit us tonight for the spoopy festivities at twitch.tv/brickmuppet.

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October 25, 2022

Even Susan Sarandon Gets it

Gina Carano smiles.

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Adventures in Bloatware

These are the applications that came installed on Narmaya, my new Samsung Galaxy A42 5G

Google Chrome
Google Duo
Google Photos
Microsoft Office
One Drive
AR Zone
Samsung My Files
Samsung Health
Samsung TV Plus
Smart Things
Smart Switch
Call Filter
Verizon Cloud
Digital Secure
My Verizon
Galaxy Store
Game Launcher
Play Store
Samsung Free
Samsung Global Goals
Samsung Notes
Samsung Wallet
YT Music
Apple Music
Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Soda
Genshin Impact 
Google TV
News Break
Pluto TV
Royal Match
Smart Family
Solitaire (again)
Toon Blast
Word Trip
Coin Master

Note that this was an insurance replacement through Verizon via Asurion, note too, that the process was painless.

Now, this is just scrolling through the menu. Phone and Clock I guess aren't really apps in the usual sense and it's nice to have Microsoft Office on the phone. I might have installed Genshin Impact at some point since it won't play on my iMac, but LORD...I wonder what this Samsung would be capable of if I could get most of those apps removed. 

Thus far, I'm happy with the phone, though it looks and feel...fragile. It certainly does not give the impression of being nearly as robust a piece of kit as Greya, my heroically departed Kyocera Duraforce Pro. That was a full fledged rugged phone that had survived immersion in seawater, being dropped off a roof onto pavement and day to day use It, sadly, has been discontinued. I'll not be carrying it outside the car until my shield, Otterbox and holster arrive.

The battery life thus far is amazing. I have not charged it since it was activated Saturday morning and it still has a 45% charge. I've made multiple calls and watched over an hour of video on it as of 17:00 Tuesday evening.

It is a remarkably thin device, looking kind of like the Obelisk from 2001 and fits in the hand nicely, but it is slick, really slick, like its made out of teflon and dipped in bacon grease slick.  I set it on the bookshelf and set it to vibrate  and when the phone went off its vibration propelled it off the shelf with considerable speed onto the (fortuitously carpeted) floor. I now have it in a tray, lest it attempt suicide again. 

I'll need to toy with it a bit but aside from its almost surreal thinness and the lack of covers for its USB ports it seems pretty nice thus far. 

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October 24, 2022

Be Careful Not to cut Yourself on That Edge

I have never had Netflix, and I was not inclined to give that company any of my money. However, my cellphone recently saved my live, preventing me from being impaled with an 80 pound steel bar...and in the process sent me down the rabbit hole of cell phone replacement via insurance. After activating Narmaya, my brand new Samsung Galaxy A42...I noted that it had a Netflix trial on it. I decided to check out that new Cyberpunk series that's currently streaming. I looked forward to a good laugh at the expense of the 'Netflix Adaptation'. 

Now I've given Netflix $19.95 US of my monies...but I got to watch the whole series.

I do not regret this purchase. 

Cyberpunk Edgerunners is excellent. Studio Trigger stood by their guns and took no nonsense from Netflix and provided Unadulterated Cuberpunkery. For fans of the recent CD Project Red video game, or Mike Pondsmith's old pencil and Paper RPG from 30 years ago, this is a breath of fresh air. This show is extremely respectful of and faithful to its source materials canon. As such, it is a pretty good representative of the genre.

That is to say, it is Dystopic as hell. It's also an astonishingly bloody show that does not flinch away from the genre's more gruesome implications. Edgerunners is also quite possibly the most non-PC thing made in the last few years, at times straddling the line between an "R" rating and "NC17" with regards to both gore and nudity and is a passionate middle finger at the censorious scolds of all stripes.

It's also, in its perverse way, a Shounen show, but one that is really well done.

This is not an upbeat or happy show, but it follows desperate, broken people who maintain a sense of dignity and honor in spite of being in the most Hobbesian of environments. It also features excellent writing and top notch voice work in the English dub.

Studio Trigger has a remarkable reputation as is, but they have outdone themselves with this one.

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October 19, 2022


One of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes brings us news from the world of epidemiology. 

"I have thoughts on this matter. Let me spell them out for you:
Pound sign, lightning emote, question mark, star, treble clef icon, poop emote, "at"symbol, exclamation point."

(Brickmuppet reads the articles)

"I...uh...concur with your analysis"

Well... it seems that Boston University has taken the highly vaccine-resistant and super-contagious Omicron variant of Coronachan/The Pinko Pox/ Winnie the Flu/The Commie Cough/Kung-Flu-of-Dying/The 2020 Gain-Of-Function-Award-Winner/...better known as COVID-19 and crossed it via gain of function techniques with the original Wuhan variant and developed a strain of Xi's Disease that kills 80% of it's victims (at least in mice). 

For further thoughts on the matter, let's go to one of our crack team of science bobcats...

Thank you Busby.

According to the Live Science article, Boston claims that this was not "gain of function research" and that they made the original Wuhan strain slightly less lethal by giving it the higher transmissibility of the Omicron variant, and that they successfully discovered that Omicron's spike protein did not cause a lack of lethality. 

This seems to be quite the semantic argument, at least from a layman's perspective. While the original, hyper-deadly variant was indeed made slightly less lethal by this research, the much less dangerous but far more transmissible variant was made vastly more so. 

An argument can be made that there is a need for this kind of research, but the place for that research is not in the middle of Boston (or Wuhan) it's in a secure facility in a dry valley in Antarctica, or preferably, in a crater on the moon. 

I can't imagine, after the disaster we have been through the last three years, what combination of addle-mindedness, arrogance and autism compelled some of the smartest (albeit obviously not wisest) minds in the country to perpetrate this act of asininity.

 There is a hubris and lack of self awareness that seems to permeate our expert class, one that may well be our downfall if we don't reign in these over-credentialed ding-a-lings. 

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