June 02, 2020

Well. This Day is Off to a Good Start.

This morning instead poaching eggs for breakfast I decided to pour a bowl of raisin bran. This is, theoretically, a simple operation that involves depositing the cereal in a bowl and adding milk to it (in that order...this is important). However, the difference between theory and practice is that there is no difference between theory in practice in theory, but in practice there is. For example: I discovered this morning a heretofore unknown failure mode in the aforementioned culinary preparation operation wherein the plastic bag containing the raisin bran partially falls out of the cardboard box  into the bowl at precisely the length and weight distribution that when one rights the box, the bag and its contents are launched into the air free of the box with a rotation imparted on the bag of sufficient velocity that centrifugal forces completely empty the bag of raisin bran slowly enough that the bag has rotated a full 360 degrees before becoming empty but fast enough that the raisin bran has sufficient velocity to distribute itself evenly to the farthest extent of the kitchen and halfway into the dining room. 

An hour later, I think I got it all. 

Upon reflection, I should, perhaps, reassess my risk analysis before driving to the bank later today. 

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1 Might be easier to write it off and just vacuum everything (with a dry/wet shop vac if it's mixed with milk already). Reminds me how I didn't put an oil filter completely on Neon. The fuel pump pumped the oil on the ground as soon as I started the engine. The fun that ensues can only be rivaled by a canopy unlatching in flight.
Back when I was a lad of about 11, my sister handed me a net bag with 3 bottles of milk, but let go before I secured the control of it. The 3 bottles fell on the concrete floor and shattered. Our mother was not amused. Each bottle was priced at something 33 kopeks of which 15 were refundable for the empty bottle.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Tue Jun 2 14:03:27 2020 (LZ7Bg)

2 I once had a large (2-cup) Pyrex measuring cup until one day I accidentally knocked it off my counter.  I was really glad I was wearing sneakers as it would have been physically impossible to leave the spot I was standing without incurring a trip to the hospital if I hadn't been.  I still occasionally find stray glass shards years later in my galley kitchen, and haven't bought Pyrex since.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Tue Jun 2 21:34:39 2020 (3TbQP)

3 Yeah, tempered glass is highly resistant to damage, but when it does break, the internal stresses make the results spectacular. Complaints about spontaneous shattering have increased since Pyrex and Corelle production moved from Corning to World Kitchen.

I've got a set of Corelle that's old enough to have been made by Corning in the US, but I recently abandoned my Pyrex measuring cups for Oxo's silicone ones, which are definitely shatterproof, as well as much lighter and cool to the touch when filled with boiling liquid.


Posted by: J Greely at Tue Jun 2 22:59:48 2020 (ZlYZd)

4 (Hmmm, amazon link got mangled somehow; search for "oxo squeeze & pour" on your favorite online storefront)

Posted by: J Greely at Tue Jun 2 23:01:38 2020 (ZlYZd)

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