May 13, 2012

One of THOSE Weeks.

I recently discovered when trying to add a course to the second summer session that that there is a 14 credit per semester limit on what I can take at ODU now. There is a 6 credit limit on summer classes. As I had already signed up for 9 summer credits this left me worried that I would be dumped out of the classes I had enrolled in.  Additionally this complicates my plan to graduate next spring. My own illnesses as well as the time I took off to deal with Mom's strokes caused me to drop multiple classes and the summer sessions were key to my making good on part of that.

My ODU G-mail account soon provided me with some clarification on this matter. It seems that the limit was imposed because of the fact that I'm on academic probation.

Well this is logical. It makes sense to limit the number of...


I'm sorry, WHAT!?


Rather than listen to that persistent little voice...

...I tried to figure out HOW this had happened.

It turns out that the problem revolved around the fall of 2009. That was the semester when the remnants of hurricane Ida ate my trailer, the car died for nearly a week, Mom had her breast cancer recur...right after dad had had his hip surgery. That combination pretty much ended the semester for me. I had to go through the process of dropping AFTER the drop add deadline which involves begging teachers and providing documentation and filing appeals. It turns out that Fall Semester 2009 was showing up as a solid F.


It's unclear if this was a screw up from my professors or (more likely) a recent record-keeping error in the computer system, but after wrangling and digging up old insurance and medical papers I got de-probationitated.


However, the almighty must provide balance to the universe and to that end I received in the mail this week my personal property tax bill...which for the fourth time charges me for the assessment on my mobile home....the one that I mentioned earlier, that was destroyed in ANOTHER CITY. I've dealt with this before...three times even...So I've got the paperwork lined up, and I will deal with it Friday but it's a huge hassle and 'effing annoying.

The tax bill wasn't egregious, only a few hundred dollars and thus did not, it seems, provide sufficient compensation to the universe for the joyous news that I was de-probationitated,  so when I took the car in to deal with oil pressure fluctuations and A/C issues I should not have been surprised at the $748.42 bill that resulted.

But I was...

I had a scare on Friday as mom collapsed and suffered severe gastrointestinal distress. This was only slightly alleviated when everyone else who had eaten supper did too. ( I ate out, which, no doubt, has unbalanced the cosmos again). There was much holding of heads but everyone is now alright. I admonished my mom on the importance of not actually buying the pumpkin pies that are really cheap and off to the side...and just a little out of date....even if they are really cheap.*

There have been keyboard issues here at Brickmuppet Consolidated Laboratories. They were finally  traced to a loose screw door to the keyboards battery compartment. Even from his grave Steve Jobs spits at me via industrial design.

School starts tomorrow.

* When I was very young my folks were quite poor...This has engendered a thriftiness with my mother that occasionally drifts into the zone of diminishing returns...though rarely so spectacularly.

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1 Well, at least you got things sorted with ODU before the new semester started.  And....  Well, the Yellowstone Supercaldera didn't erupt, so there's tha

Posted by: Pixy Misa at Sun May 13 21:39:57 2012 (PiXy!)

2 Sometimes I'm afraid because I live on the same continent as you do.

Posted by: Steven Den Beste at Mon May 14 00:21:36 2012 (+rSRq)

3 How do you think I feel, Steven?  I'm only halfway across the continent from him... I shudder at the wickedness he could accidentally inflict upon Illinois.

Posted by: Wonderduck at Mon May 14 18:04:13 2012 (6CHh4)

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