February 18, 2020

Jinx Lives!

No Really. It's true.

Photos are included at the link, I confess that I was unaware that the hiatus was due to , I guess, transition surgery(?) which seems to have been a success, but I can't shake the notion that some of the work looks kind of plastic.

Anyway, welcome back Jinx!

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February 16, 2020

RWBY Season 7

RWBY's 7th season having just wrapped up on Crunchyroll, it warrants some comment. But first a brief review is warranted of this shows history. Initially started with  a pilot that showcased its tragically low budget, superb voicework, spectacular fight choreography and great promise, the show proceeded to be almost schizophrenically uneven but maintained interest with its interesting characters and  its setting, while something of a cliche' buffet, was genuinely intriguing. The first season was enjoyable despite itself and showed real promise.

The next two seasons got better, surprised its audience, and while the action animation never recovered from the death of Monty Oum midway through the production of season three, the other production values, story and characterizations got exceptional. ...until the season 5 finale which was a fight spread out over approximately 377,482 hours of tedious soliloquy and nothing happening. Season Six was much better, the production values being incredibly good and the story itself having regained its stride, though the finale was a soft cliffhanger.

Rooster Teeth has had its issues of late and its management has seemed to go out of its way to antagonize some of its fans. The company is no longer the 20 or so people punching above their weight but is rather, now, a division of AT&T which makes this seasons enhanced production values pretty much expected and the production problems reported in the media fairly inexcusable.

Given the internal issues being reported and the various clashes with the fandom, one ought not be surprised if the show is a dumpster fire.

Instead, the surprise comes from Season 7 kicking ass. 

This season gets right almost everything that slipped through the cracks in season 5. In particular the pacing is solid throughout, building tension throughout the story to a genuinely gripping season finale.

Even the fight choreography has improved to the point that it's finally approaching parity with the late Monty Oum's work in season's one and two, as this two minute clip from the season opener shows.

This is, hands down, the best season of this show ever. Story wise, the show manages to throw all manner of curve-balls while still retaining its internal logic. There is a little bit of perfuntory advancement in episode two '"Hey! Everybody gets new uniforms!" but almost everything else is beautifully paced and even the surprises (and boy are there surprises), make perfect sense as they're bringing together threads from six other seasons.

This brings us to the two minor quibbles with the show, one is that a lot of the plot is not fully understandable if you haven't seen the previous seasons, (which, sadly means watching season 5). Oh you'll be able to figure it out, but you'll lack that delicious moment of realization when the waiter smiles.

There is also another issue which has caused some consternation in some circles.
but honestly even that development doesn't really detract from the show this time around.

This was just a really solid season and I find myself looking forward to the next (probably last one) with genuine eagerness.

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Gell-Mann and Other Things

In an earlier post we noted that there were a lot of coincidences surrounding the virology labs in Wuhan.

Well, today the news is that..
Oh screw it'
Let Tim Pool rant about it...

So yeah....some news outfits are now saying it came from a lab.

Note that there is no confession or direct evidence of this, but, unlike earlier speculation, which just noted the existence of the virology labs in the city and the virus modifying resume of the large lab's lead scientists, today's headlines come from a research paper put out for peer review. A research paper from a University within China. It does not appear to be on Research Gate any more but it exists here, at least until the Chinese nuke Niue.

While I knew there were two virology labs in the city, I was unaware of the fact that one of them was less than 1000 feet from the fish market.

I was also unaware that the local bats are hibernating now, the bats that carry the coronaviruses live 450 miles away from Wuhan,  that no bats were on sale at the market and that bat soup is not "a thing" in Wuhan.

From page 3 of the report:

The bats carrying CoV ZC45 were originally found in Yunnan or Zhejiang province, both of which were more than 900 kilometers away from the seafood market. Bats were normally found to live in caves and trees. But the seafood market is in a densely-populated district of Wuhan, a metropolitan of ~15 million people. The probability was very low for the bats to fly to the market. According to municipal reports and the testimonies of 31 residents and 28 visitors, the bat was never a food source in the city, and no bat was traded in the market. There was possible natural recombination or intermediate host of the coronavirus, yet little proof has been reported.

Good grief.

It's not just that it wasn't bats...it's that there WEREN'T bats. 

Of course this is from a paper from a Chinese University, and these same news outlets were saying two days ago that the scrutiny of the labs were a conspiracy theory.

This should probably cause a reassessment of some premises.

Nothing so exemplifies how much we are like Descartes' hypothetical brain in a jar in the way we get info from our telescreens via the magic-smoke tubes.

Note: Probably did not happen.

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February 15, 2020


I've used Apples for my desktops since I pulled a PowerPC out of a dumpster in the late '90s, then upgraded to a eMac then the first iMac which, being purchased in 2008 certainly outlived expectations before croaking right before my last class ended with a capstone paper on it. It was that paper and the need to transfer it that caused me to put out the $1700+ for this machine.

Now "Raphtalia" is a perfectly serviceable piece of kit that does its job, but...

Today, for the first time in the 5 and a half months since I got the new machine, I began seriously poking around my old files seeing what still worked. I knew that my Windows partition did not speak to Mojave but now that Windows 7 doesn't exist anymore, an upgrade is out of the question (unless I purchase Windows 10) so my iMac's virtual machine is no longer viable.

My old copy of MMDAI won't run on Mojave and it seems that the program is no longer supported at all, so I can't get Miku Miku Dance to work on my iMac in any capacity. My old files are likely just lost. Likewise, the Ren'Py files are all unreadable, though the associated word files are saved. A good swath of my music did not survive the transfer, but it was mostly the swath that I'd....paid for. (Way to discourage piracy DRM!)

While MMD doesn't support iMac in any way, I note that (if I read this right), that there is actually a fork for MMD that claims to work on a Rasberry Pi. 

UPDATE: Good grief! There's Rasberry Pi support for Ren'Py too!

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While We Have No Love For Michael Bloomberg,

...Those of us at Brickmuppet Blog do not wish death upon our political enemies and want to offer our sincerest condolences to his family for their impending and untimely loss.

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February 14, 2020

More Effective Than Coffee

We've mentioned Coronachan before. It's a Bitchute channel that is aggregating videos from inside China that pertain to the Coronavirus situation. Some are collections of short cellphone videos devoid of context, some are produced by reporters and citizen journalists with meticulous citations and a very few are produced by the channel itself regarding the disappearances of various Chinese individuals who have tried to keep the world informed of the situation.

Even with the very clear statement by the website that some of the content is of uncertain provenance, this is high octane nightmare fuel that will keep you up at night.

In related news, there's this...

Twitter account is still here as I type this.

Sulphur Dioxide emissions from Wuhan spiked Sunday morning. It is being suggested to be likely that animals or people  (or both) are being burned in great numbers, which precisely jives with what is suggested by some of the Coronachan videos.

Again, we don't know what we don't know.
Is this basically NORMAL industrial emissions for Wuhan and Chongqing? Could they be burning the animals at the
How reliable is this satellite info? 

In other news:

Zhengli Shi, the administrator of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, (one of the two(!) virology labs in Wuhan) was involved in a rather infamous 2015 experiment at the University of North Carolina to create a really virulent and deadly coronavirus. The idea seems to have been to figure out a worse case scenario and how to plan for it. One the one hand, preparedness is good...on the other hand virulent and deadly man-made coronaviruses are bad, m'kay...and on the gripping hand, the U.S. had just passed a law against that area of research because genetically engineered genocidal death plagues are a demographic that suffers from a robustly bi-partisan lack of support in Congress.  In any event, Dr. Shi went and filed a patent for genetically engineering coronavirus proteins. Kudos, to the loons over at  Zero Hedge who actually went and dug up Dr. Shi's patent...'cause I frankly never would have thought to look for patents being granted for genocidal death plagues.

It may be that this is nothing, Zero Hedge is hit or miss, but the intensity of the Chinese governments response indicates that they are quite terrified of the potential this disease has in a way they weren't about SARS.

None of this matters now, because it's here, some of us may already have it and don't know it. It kills 1-3 % so while it's scary, it's not the end of the world, but it is likely to make this a really really bad year. Don't panic, stock up some food and keep your spirits up, despair and panic are at least as deadly as this bug.

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February 12, 2020

This Could Be Consequential

Via Pixy, comes this report that the Federal Trade Commission has decided to examine EVERY acquisition and merger by Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft in 2010-2019 with an eye towards assessing them for potential Sherman Act or other anti-trust violations.


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Adventures in Language and Current Events

While perusing the internets this morning I noted a video on the Bichute "trending" page the title of which concerned the U.S. flooding the U.K. food supply with unsafe levels of chicken chloride.


It's Bitchute, so I chuckled and moved on.  This afternoon I encountered someone on a message board ranting quite passionately about...the U.S. flooding the U.K. food supply with unsafe levels of chicken chloride.

O.K. that's twice, so on a lark, I googled "chicken chloride" despite my confidence that there is no such chemical. In fact there is not, but there IS a current row in the U.K. about the wisdom of importing "chlorinated" chicken from the U.S.

At least I ASSUME this is the source of the chicken chloride worries.

As to why we chlorinate our chicken: Some years ago we had a salmonella outbreak that was asymptomatic in chickens and soon spread throughout the U.S. poultry industry. This strain of salmonella  (which I participated in to my considerable dismay) was not asymptomatic in people. This caused changes to food service regulations regarding poultry,  a massive crackdown on cleanliness standards at chicken processing plants, and as a precaution, an additional two steps to chicken processing were mandated: bleach spray followed by an extra rinse with dihydrogen-monoxide. This is still standard in many states since no one wants to be THAT GUY who stopped a likely useless practice right before some bacterial outbreak.

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February 08, 2020

Extrordanary Claims, Thoughts on The Mechanism of Epstein's Suicide, and Less Extraordinary Analogues

One of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes points out some science links that don't involve pestilence.

"Because in space, no one can hear you sneeze."

Some time ago an interstellar object, subsequently named Omuamua passed through the solar system. On it's way out of The Solar System, it performed what appeared to be a course correction and accelerated out of the solar system. This caused considerable consternation at the time, but subsequent analysis seems to indicate that it was sufficiently flat and non-dense that light pressure combined with the likely sublimation of volatiles on its sun-facing side is sufficient to explain its apparently aberrantly expressed celerity.

That being said, the object is weird and John Michael Godier interviews  Dr. Sergey Mashchenko who goes over all the weirdness about this object, known, and unknown as well as some of the speculation that has been put forward to explain the weirdness...the most speculative speculation is that the thing might have been made out of dark matter.

Of course such extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof, and the proof has been accelerating out of the solar system 2 years. It's only a little more likely than the notion that Epstein killed himself.

 Which circuitously brings us to another bit of unfounded speculation, regarding The Epstein Drive from THE EXPANSE That plot device is what is called a "torch drive" which is a staple of science fiction without FTL. While considered by the authors to be handwavium, Matter Beam over at the Tough Sci-Fi blog has run the numbers and applied the latest theories of fusion rocket designs to the performance figures noted in the series of books and come to the conclusion that the Epstein Drive, is in fact much harder sci-fi than is generally supposed. It's a very long post, go read the whole thing.

While performance of a Torch drive seems to be within the realm of possibility, it is not a near term prospect. By contrast NASA has been sponsoring research by Princeton Satellite Systems which has produced a design for a direct fusion drive that has astounding performance by current standards.

A dual mode engine, it normally has minuscule thrust but incredible efficiency, however, it has an afterburner mode for high thrust. This is nothing like a torch ship, however according to Winchell Chung over at Atomic Rocket...
; text-decoration-style: initial; text-decoration-color: initial; display: inline !important; float: none;">Regardless of the low thrust, it can deliver a metric ton of payload to Pluto in 3.75 years flat, instead of chemical rocket New Horizon's pathetic 30 kilograms taking freaking nine years.

Its main development hurdles are the magnetic nozzle, which is still a work in progress with regards to the performance needed for fusing of He3 and its reliance upon that very helium 3 which is quite expensive here on Earth. It can be generated, however by making tritium which decays into He3 and there are, of course the questionable proposals to mine it on the moon.

It may seem to be putting the cart before the horse since we can't get fusion power plants to break even on power, however the power plant has to contain the fusion reaction, whereas a rocket is just has to have it blow out the rear end, and we've had fusion explosions since we evaporated a coral atoll in 1952. In fact the rocket design evolved from the constant containment failures in fusion power plant experiments. It basically involves having the inevitable failure happen in one direction....calling that direction aft and building the ship around that premise. Besides the good overview at Atomic Rocket, numerous peer reviewed papers have been done on this engine and its applications over the last few years including a NASA sponsored design for a Pluto probe and a BIS proposal to use the design for missions to the Oort cloud, the gravitational lensing point and the nearest stars.

Its certainly not off the shelf, but if pursued, it promises remarkable improvements in performance in the fairly near term.

Anyway. the future is looking bright.
So don't eat bats.

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That Show That Got Yeeted After Three episodes For Being Exactly What it Said it Was

Rest assured that this not a trend for this blog. Whatever passes for a format here, this is not it.

However, this show is being aggressively "disappeared" and its case is curious not only for being cancelled after 3 episodes rather than simply slapping a R-rating on it (despite high ratings), but that the streaming company bought the rights to a show about individuals that travel Ersatz Middle Earth and do consumer reviews of BROTHELS, then translated it, dubbed it, REMOVED pixels from it and then, three episodes in, decided that, upon reflection, it might be lewd. 

After careful analysis, much consideration and in-depth research, I've concluded that this show is, in fact, lewd. 

It's only R-rated though, it doesn't actually cross the line despite dancing along it drunkenly while being aggressively irreverent and completely tasteless. 

It also made me laugh, which is probably indicative of deep character flaws on my part.

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February 07, 2020

Second Order Effects, Leading Indicators, Devil's Advocacy, and Friendly Advice

Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is starting to have second order economic effects. Hundai is shutting down at least one factory due to a shortage of parts from China. Similar issues are stymieing production at Airbus, Kia, Apple, and EricssonAB and this is unlikely to be an isolated trend.  Certainly futures markets believe so as copper prices are plummeting to nearly a three year low.

There have been a number of disease outbreaks that have caused concern over the last few years, SARS, MERS, any number of bird flu variants, Ebola, and others were (and in the case of Ebola still are) serious problems and genuinely dangerous, but they did not approach anything like what was feared and may contribute to a cry wolf effect when the big one hits. Something feels different about this, it may not pan out but the impression I get is that if it doesn't become a pandemic, it will be because of heroic efforts and luck.

A leading indicator of what the U.S. government may think is coming can be found in the fact that the Pentagon is being asked to set up quarantine stations on or near 11 airports nationwide. This is in addition to the 20 that the Centers for Disease Control operate. As of a week ago there were already 1,000 people in the U.S. in quarantine for this virus.  

I was asked on Discord to comment about the following:

There has been some speculation that the location of China's Class 4 Biohazard facility smack dab in the middle of this mess, and that the 2 week asymptomatic contagious period  (which is near the gold standard for a bioweapon) indicate that this disease is a military pathogen that got away from them like Glanders did from the Germans in WW1.

First of all, there's no direct evidence. Second, evolution is perfectly capable of producing horrific examples of pestilence as the Black Death, Plague of Justinian, Smallpox and Spanish Influenza show. Third, it is probably not relevant as the disease exists and must be dealt with. I emphasize probably because if it were an engineered virus that might have implications for treatment, though such matters are beyond a mere bachelor of arts' area of expertise.

I'm skeptical, but in the interest of devil's advocacy it should be noted that the P.R.C. is, like the U.S.S.R. before it, is a communist dictatorship. Using bioweapons seems unwise in the extreme, but the hubris of a bureaucrat knows no bounds and if the 5-year plan says that there will be a vaccine fore one's own forces, then in the mind of a bureaucrat that vaccine will exist. Additionally, in an earlier post we mentioned that serious concerns were raised about the then-under-construction Wuhan lab in 2017 and that there were 2 earlier containment failures with the less dangerous SARS virus in a Beijing lab about a decade ago. One involved a protocol issue and one involved an attempted live virus vaccine that had not, in fact, been rendered fully safe. China doesn't have a good track record in this area.  Here is an interview with  Ken Albiek who was an executive at Biopreparat (the soviet bio-warfare program). It's pretty horrifying, particularly the bit about what happened in Sverdlovsk when a filter was not properly installed and someone broke a container. Anthrax is not person to person contagious, had it been a more virulent disease it would have been  a major incident, with the only saving grace being the closed nature of the Soviet Union. It's entirely possible that the odious Chinese regime did botch something like happened in Sverdlovsk , but there is no hard evidence I'm aware of and eating fruit bats is a perfectly reliable way to get dreadful new diseases.

So heed this friendly advice...

Also:If you are interested in biowarfare,its potential for bio-terrorism or find that you sleep too soundly at night, I recommend buying BioHazzard, by Ken Albiek, which gives an overview in layman accessible terms of the mischief that Biopreparat was involved in.

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For Some Reason

I've been getting a TON of spam in the comments section to this old post.

And in visiting it again and again over the last few days, I find myself asking the same question about this comely mechanic's PPE that I did two years ago.

Those buckles on her skirt/waistcoat....

What are they for?
How are they fastened without tripping her?
Don't they leave a potentially hazerdous gap ?
How exactly does that knee guard work and not contribute to potential injuries?

Reader suggestions are welcome.

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The Backup Plan is Proceeding Apace

With all the challenging things in the news lately, One of The Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes has brought us news on one of the more appealing contingency plans...


She notes that Elon Musk currently has crews working 24/7 on his Starship prototype with the aim of beginning sub-orbital flights in March.

The FCC permit has already been applied for.

Art via Teslarati

While Musk's main focus is Mars, he has also been looking towards the moon, initially with a planned 2023 circumlunar flight, and Luna has always figured in Musk's Mars plan.. The moon is much closer and has attracted his attention with regards to ice and as a secondary destination. it's a week away as opposed to six months to a year, and a good place to test stuff for Mars. There is also a lot of science potential there obviously.

While there's very little on the moon worth mining and bringing to earth it's dirt is practically MADE of Iron, Oxygen, and Aluminum and there are extensive deposits of Chromium. Musk has gone to great lengths to remove exotic materials from his toolkit to facilitate field repairs and his structural components tend to be made of stainless steel and aluminum. The moon has everything but nickle and carbon for stainless steel which can be as little as 0.8% carbon by weight. In the highly unlikely event no carbonaceous chondrites have impacted on the moon, or has been baked out carbon can be provided by the carbonaceous not-quite-moons like Cruithne, and Yorp, which could also provide nitrogen and phosphorus. Nickle almost certainly exists in viable ammounts in the larger craters, which were, of course, created by meteors. While, it's unknown if there are spectacular glaciers on the moon like there are on Mercury, there is known to be a good deal of water at the poles.

The moon has a vast uninhabited area, and NO ECOSYSTEM, so one could, as an extreme example, use unshielded nuclear reactors on the surface for smelting stuff, so it's a perfect industrial park for expanding space projects.

Some people seem confident enough that they're already measuring the drapes.

Brian Wang over at NBF notes that Musk is looking to run out these rocket's life cycle on launches to the cis-lunar destinations and then gathere those near the end of their lives for the Martian Launch Window every two years. These large convoys would have the advantage of proximity to one another in the event of any mishap. Obviously one would not send that many people to Mars until the local infrastructure such as habitats (and, if necessary gravitrons) have been developed to accept several thousand people.

Given the numbers Musk is talking about, a typical convoy might have 50-100 ships, most on a one way trip so, 5-10,000 people every two years after about a decade of building habitats. This would immediately push Martian population into a biologically sustainable levels, especially if the population were of varied races and ethnicities. After a decade the population might be 50,000 without factoring births, which is way more than Liechtenstein, and almost as much as the Cayman Islands. 

We here at Brickmuppet Blog are more in the Dandridge Cole, Gerard O'Neal camp, favoring large space habitats over outposts on planets or moons, but the advantages of having a large (planet's worth) of resources handy is probably a good advantage at the start of this endeavor. There's a lot to do there as well and the first step is the moon.

Art by Sam Taylor. buy Full rez Posters and other art from him Here!

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Yes boys and girls. That's a Mosin.
In a 450 dollar chassis with a $99. folding stock.

UPDATE: Upon reflection, this madness being from a Ukranian company, this might make sense in a place like the Ukraine, where, I imagine, the 3 Line Rifle is probably still cheaper than a used Hi-Point and....


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February 06, 2020


While all eyes are upon the Coronavirus and the implosion of the Iowa Caucuses, other things are actually happening.

Like this...

A vulcanologist in Iceland has gone into a fit of weird forced metaphors, which may indicate a large eruption is likely sometime in the island's future. Of course it being Iceland, this is a safe bet.

Regarding Coronavirus, the Chicom secret police are coming to the unwelcome realization that there is often a good side to even the worst things.

Archeologists are all excited about a box shaped well head.
A 5,256 year old well head.

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February 05, 2020

Tenuous Data, but Worrisome (UPDATED)

There is a report in a Taiwanese newspaper that Tencent (the umbrella corporation that owns Blizzard) accidentally posted actual Coronavirus numbers for a few hours Saturday.

Tencent is managing the official info distribution for the Corona Virus situation. IF this report is accurate and IF the numbers posted were not a data glitch, then TENCENT is likely keeping two sets of numbers, one for the CCP and one for the plebs. This is of concern because the numbers posted were:
INFECTED 154,023
DEAD 24,589 which makes for an interesting contrast to the official figure yesterday of  around 300.
It's unclear to me if the dead are a subset of infected in this tally, that data point, of course, having a significant effect of the actual mortality rate.
Note that as per Zero Hedge, these numbers jive closely with the predictions of UK epidemiologists from 10 days ago.

Note too that even if one dismisses this out of hand because Zero Hedge in in the source list, the official death toll screencapped above as I type this has jumped by about 60 percent since yesterday when it was just north of 300. However, the 5 digit number jives disturbingly with  other reports from Hubei Province.



Coronachan is a BitChute channel that is aggregating videos regarding  the Coronavirus, many of which have been banned or have vanished.  The BitChuter in question seems to be an interested layperson and is unsure of the provenance of some of the videos, but is up-front about that and is asking for info in that regard. The channel links to sources in the video descriptions when available.

The channel could have perhaps chosen a less edgy avatar.

Gallows Humor Artist is Unknown

In other news, it looks like Bat-Soup Belle of Balefulness is vacationing in the Wisconsin Dells.

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February 04, 2020

I.T. People: I Have Some Questions About the Iowa Carcasses


They've completely botched the Iowa Caucuses.
Several of my legions of...six or seven readers work in IT and have had experience with applicable app issues.

Here are the facts as I understand them.
The Democrats decided to simplify the chaos that is this caucus thing by using a smartphone app.

A Phone application: you know, one of those esoteric bits of technology that is basically unknown to the general populace that is never used for secure online sales and such in everyday...oh wait.

To that end, the Democrats hired a company called SHADOW to manage the app that counted the votes.

There was a technical problem and as I post this nobody knows who won or lost, aside from the three or four candidates who have claimed victory in the absence of any numbers.

How does this happen?

What incompetence was necessary for this to happen?

I just...
Gurus of technical support just, explain this...

Note that even assuming nefarious intent with the goal of botching the caucuses does not absolve the participants of failure due to an unprofessional lack of subtlety.

Again; they named the company that ran the AP that lost the votes...SHADOW which is a company partially owned by a firm named A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.which in turn is run by former Clinton staffers and funded by a big Pete Buttigieg backer supporter.

A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. is literally an Umbrella Corporation that owns several companies that...seem to...exist...but have indeterminate specialties other than to be oriented towards left wing politics and...


Why would you name your company that makes voting software and has to have trust and transparency as its highest priorities...SHADOW (in all caps)? 

And , A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. what the actual hell?

I just have this notion of A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. helping organizations put their mission statements in their name, with results like
Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion,
or perhaps League Of Calamitous Intent
or Vicious Evil Network Of Mayhem.

But this notion; it is crazy.
CRAAhayhayaZZyyyY! I sai

W hat is going oN?

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February 03, 2020

The Red Head


...(Aythya americana) is a diving duck that is native to the United States and Canada, it is most commonly found  in or near reservoirs, lakes, playa wetlands, freshwater river deltas, coastal marshes, estuaries, bays, and (in northern Illinois), small apartments. It is an omnivorous species, eating both plant (pondweeds, wild rice, wild celery, wigeon grass, doritos, bulrushes, muskgrass and shoal grass) and animal matter (in the form of gastropods, mollusks, insects, their larvae, pepperoni and other meats mostly from ruminants), occasionally they consume these simultaneously in the form of a Chicago Pizza.   The redhead is 37 cm (15 in) long with an 84 cm (33 in) wingspan though their height can occasionally exceed six feet, in which case they tend to be non-migratory. One of these rarer examples of this branch of the Anatidae family spent several years supporting himself as a disc jockey and now graces us with tunes from around the world.

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February 02, 2020

So I Heard About Ishuzoku Reviewers

...and did not initially pursue it because, honestly if its only claim to fame is that it's a fan-service show its probably not worth my time.The plot does not inspire confidence..a troupe of (brothel critics?) in a D&D/LOTR esque fantasy-world go around doing reviews of various brothels staffed by numerous fantasy races like elves and mermaids and slimes and..sundry.

 Then I heard the show was quite good, with it actually being described as funny and one of the better shows of the season.. So, I went to Funimation and, to my surprise...

So they have a show that's based on a hentai manga. Its character designs are by a hentai artist. It's plot is more porny than most porn. They depixelated parts of it and they were in the process of dubbing the show. Some of the character designs that have popped up in the promo art , I couldn't even put on this blog clothed. Then all of a sudden they realized "Gracious! This is...(squints) I dare say it might be LEWD!"

How does that even happen!?

 UPDATE: I swear there was a review at the end of that first link.

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Oh NO!

We had two depressing plague posts back to back, involving 3 different viruses. This is unhygienic, depressing, and not in keeping with the format of what is among its many other formats, still an anime blog.

I should probably watch some anime.
And review it.
In the meantime, here are some AMVs.

One for our new Canadian viewers.

Because this isn't YouTube...we can repeat one from a few years ago.

Caravan Palace is always welcome

Another re-run because...reasons.

Finally, I here tell that we're all Russian bots here so...

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