August 03, 2020


I'd heard he'd tweeted this set of words in this order, So I put on my hazmat suit and went to Twitter to check. 

So it's not that they see 1984 as a 'how to' manual instead of a cautionary tale, it's that the reference is unknown to them.

Matt Taibbi is only 3 months younger than me, so it's not a generational thing.

Most people my age would assume 2+2=5 was a reference to Orwell (I think they would). In fairness however, this was not, strictly speaking a 1984 reference, at least not intentionally, but the actual reference is a stygian cesspit of foetidly, anfractous, terrifying stupidity that I'll not touch for now. 

But 1984 wasn't even on his radar apparently. 

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1 I read the book at least twice, and I've seen the movie, and it would have gone over my head as well.  Apparently I need to refresh myself on the finer details, as opposed to just the broad concept.

Posted by: David at Tue Aug 4 01:09:20 2020 (L65WS)

2 For something more recent than 1984, try the ST:TNG episode Chain of Command, where a Cardassian, trying to break Picard's will through torture, has four lights shining behind him and tries to get Picard to say there are 5 lights.  It was a major theme of the storyline.

Posted by: Rick C at Tue Aug 4 09:41:43 2020 (Iwkd4)

3 So apparently this 2+2=5 thing is actually the latest bit of stupidity from the left, part of the weird idea that Math is Racist.

Posted by: Mauser at Sun Aug 9 03:13:07 2020 (Ix1l6)

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