June 15, 2019

And Just Like That

It was gone.

Tim Pool is not a minor player in the YouTube Ecosystem where he has several channels, mostly providing editorial opinions on topics of interest. However, it should be noted that Mr. Pool is best known as a gutsy reporter who does solid gumshoe work in war-zones and other dangerous places. He is a legit journalist, plays by the rules and, because it matters these days, is pretty far to the left on several hot button issues.

The other day, he held forth on another outfits report concerning bias and anti-Christian shenanigans at Pinterest. To me, as a conservative, it was completely unsurprising 'dog bites man' stuff and didn't warrant cluttering up this happy, fun, format-free blog with yet another damned current events post that looks to be ripped from a dystopian plot generator.

In his video, Mr. Pool, being a lefty, noted that the Veritas people had mentioned in passing that members of the anti-war left were getting the same treatment. Now I'm not a fan of the spit-on-the-troops-and-appease-our-enemies-left  but Pool is, and he pointed out in his video that this was an aspect of the story that was not getting proper attention.  This editorial mention is an excellent example of how the free exchange of ideas allows a society to bit-correct information by having people with different viewpoints, perspectives and experience look at data from different angles. It's also important because EVERYBODY gets to speak. Besides the romantic ideal of this now outre' notion, there is the practical matter that a society needs to find a middle ground between its Charles Lindberghs and John McCains, because either alone will lead to ruin.

It was a thoughtful short little video and I watched it and moved on until this morning when I noted that Vee, a (Romanian gaming blogger) was reporting that YouTube had take it down. Props to Vee, because , well, that's his livelihood and he's now angering his host.

This is a particularly odd and scary takedown by YouTube, because it did not involve the usual offense to some protected group (generally via mere words). Rather, it was based on a privacy claim by a company that was  the subject of a journalistic expose'.  That's not what a privacy claim is.

Note that Twitter banned Project Veritas over their original report. Now Tim Pool's video opining on the story has been pulled, despite being an editorial that's commenting on an already published publicly available story.

On an unrelated tangent...I'm told that one of the crazy conspiracy theories that's being bandied about these days is that the Tech Giants of Palo Alto are working together to silence voices that speak truths they do not wish to hear and are engaged in coordinated cross platform censorship campaigns to hurt those they dislike and to cover-up their own malfeasance.

But I digress.

Fortunately, Tim Pool also has a channel on Bitchute, which you should probably subscribe to. Start by clicking on my Bitchute referral page.

Here's the video that YouTube took down...

Here's Vee's take on this which is how I found out about it. You might want to send him some views before his channel goes away.

There's one more thing, barely worth mentioning.  I noticed when typing this that my spell-check in  doesn't recognize 'dystopian'!

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June 14, 2019

Ripped From the Headlines

In tonight's episode of Pretty Pestilence Malady Musume, Ebola-Tan gets a phone call.

Hijinks ensue.

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June 13, 2019

I Only Just Now Noticed

...that Styxhexenhammer666, the crazy new-age anarcho-libertarian hippy dude (with the occasional gardening video) has a GOLD YouTube medallion on his wall. HE'S got a million subscribers!?

I'm a social con, but I find it quite reassuring that despite everything going on, the world is still wacky enough for this to happen.

Anyway, SHH666 doesn't, as a rule, do interviews, and yet, because the world is mad at the moment, here he is interviewing Ray Vahey, the CEO of Bitchute who is, in theory, one of the most topical guests at the moment. And yet it was Styx who got him.

I guess Styx earned that medallion. In any event, it's a solid 33 minutes well worth your time.

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Hide All The Archdukes

There are reports that two tankers have been torpedoed in the Gulf of Aden.

Of course everything is chaotic now. We'll know something in a few hours or days.

But this could be very bad.

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It's too easy to let ourselves get down due to current events.

Lets take a journey to the far future, so far into the future that the associated predictions are probably wrong. In any event, here is a very optimistic and yet technically conservative view of how Pluto might look a few centuries hence.

Sailor Pluto by Pyo

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June 12, 2019

Pick a Sampan, Any Sampan

What looks like it might be Hong Kong's death rattle this week has been a remarkably, nay shamefully, back page story. 

This is looking like it could be Tienanmen 2. At last report there were a million people marching to protest an extradition law that probably represents the final nail in the coffin of the "One Country, Two Systems" lie. Mayor Lam has betrayed her people, though it looks likely from her body language and facial twitch that this was not without considerable behind the scenes CCP pressure.

These people, many of them college educated, have guts. They know there is little hope of winning when the Mayor has sold them out. They know that every one of them that is in this protest is being filmed and their faces logged. But freedom, to them, is not a irritant but a beautiful and fragile gift to be prized. Free speech to these people is not a canard, but something that they fully grasp the importance of because they have so little of it.They know full well what is happening across the Pearl river and over a million of them have the guts to stand up to censorious authoritarians, who, 30 years and four days ago ground 10,000 of their ethnic brethren into hamburger for the crime of crying out for freedom. They know that, and yet they still are willing to march. Contrast this to those here who are so used to and ensconced our freedoms that they have no appreciation for how precious it is. Like a fish who does not know its wet, and will have no appreciation of water until it finds itself suddenly in the Sahara.

Nevertheless, all the guts in the world mean little to incoming bullets.

When things turn south they are likely to turn south quick. On the vanishingly unlikely chance that anyone from Hong Kong is among my few dozen readers, my advice is to make arrangements to get to the airport before its subject to the Social Credit System.

If you can't get to a plane, then by boat it's 164 nautical miles to Kaohsiung and 480 miles to San Fernando. Get a compass, a Garman a chart some water and a boat even if it's sampan or a john-boat.. Get out now. All Hong Kongolese that haven't already been informants are going to be considered politically unreliable and in China today that is a dark, dark, place to be.

Perhaps, it would be advisable to stage some assets outside the 12 mile limit, off the Peal River.

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June 11, 2019


Umamusume appears to be a sports anime revolving around track and field.
And horse girls(?).
It looks cute. The first episode is exceptionally well animated  and...

That's it. I'm out.

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June 10, 2019

The Irish Hydra

They lopped off his head and two grew back.

Because they tried to cut him down, he's now appeared 3 times in the same picture on the cover of the New York Times.

Dave Cullen has won.

As for the article itself, (which discusses a young man's decent into extremist perdition after watching YouTube videos)...well, it's bollocks.

I confess to being a tad skeptical when Pixy noted what the impressionable young man's extremist perdition involved.

I thought Pixy was being a bit facetious.

So I read the whole thing and....Pixy was right.

The fellow's anti-social behavior consisted of debating his lefty friends and...dating a Christian girl. Presumably the most horribleest thing ever.

The world has gone mad.

"Yes. Verily."

So today's life lessons are:
1: Strike down Dave Cullen and he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.
2: Pixy is never facetious.
3: Don't be diss'n Christian chicks or you'll end up the sort of looser that the NYT does psychological profiles on. 

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A Question For The Tech Savvy Viewers

So there's this story on Ars Technica that can be largely summed up in this quote...

Criminals in 2017 managed to get an advanced backdoor preinstalled on Android devices before they left the factories of manufacturers, Google researchers confirmed on Thursday.

Now this sounds remarkably similar in principal a story from last October that resulted in your humble blogger wiping egg from his face and dining upon crow. The vector in this case is software rather than hardware, but it still involves the spyware/malware mechanism being embedded in the products at the factory and being essentially irremovable.

This story is getting coverage on other non-Bloomberg outfits as well and seems to be endemic to the platform.
"While it is known that personal data collection and user tracking is pervasive in the Android app ecosystem as a whole we find that it is also quite prevalent in pre-installed apps."

So the implication is that this is not isolated.

As I said when self-immolating on the Bloomberg story, I happen to think that this sort of thing is quite likely to be happening. I also think that the Bloomberg 'rice grain sized chip embed' story contributed to a "cry wolf effect" problem with the public's understanding of the issue. 

However, I'm NOT particularly tech savvy, This story is akin to 'The Dero are wire-tapping by brain!" and that's always a cause for skepticism, but it does not rule it out*.

So...tech savvy viewers, what do you think about this one?

*Heck, Alex Jones is a complete nutter but he was right about something turning the fricking frogs gay (well, trans). 

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June 09, 2019


Jet Jaguar by Ueyama Michiro

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Two Good Videos on #VAP

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Who Pressed the Traffic Button?

It's 02:30 as I type this. About 11:30 I left to see a friend about 45 minutes distant and I got there around 01:00. OK, it wasn't so bad coming back, but where on earth EARTH did all the cars come from?

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June 08, 2019

When a Picture is Worth a Thousand Ampersands

What can we trust?

Image Via
This sums up a lot of the concerns regarding ChiCom infiltration of our tech industries and its implications, especially in light of the Social Credit System being implemented there.

But we don't need China for this sort of thing, they are just a worrying bonus.

While scraping up links for the last entry, I blundered into this post from 2014, that revolved around Amazon and  iTunes editing the RWBY soundtrack. I urge you to read it in full.

 The post also links to this 2009 story about how Amazon erased copies of...wait for it...Animal Farm and 1984 from the Kindles of the customers who had bought them.

"Ha! That's funny.....Oh...Wait."

In a recent, fairly inconsequential post, mention was made of the loss of my access to the Windows partition on my iMac. It was noted in the comments that the software as a subscription model is intensely worrying.

This model, is, increasingly the standard for most media and the implications for our history and therefore our future are troubling. I lack the technical expertise to begin to conceive of how to cope with this challenge. The sheer volume of data created by the information revolution makes hard copies only practicable for a small percentage of knowledge. Even if we printed all the E-books out on microfiche it would represent an impossible volume and mass. Yet the digital storage, as compact and wondrous as it is can be, is susceptible to something far more insidious than burning. Books can be rewritten to tell the stories the totalitarians want to tell.

Imagine if the great libraries of Alexandria and Nalanda had instead of being burned, been edited to remove all thoughts considered discourteous or problematic to established doctrine and edited to sing the praises of their conquerors. We are richer for the few scraps that we have than we would be inheriting such a castrated  travesty.

We live in a world where Fahrenheit 451 becomes a best case scenario in the event of a real  shift to totalitarianism. At least then knowledge can be hidden from the book burners and preserved.

But fear not. Um....

[ optimistic platitudes and constructive suggestions go here ]

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70 Years Ago Today

On June 8, 1949, a visionary science fiction novel was first made available for sale. Now, 7 decades later, our society is finally making that futuristic vision a reality.

Sadly, the book in question is not one of these.


Indeed, modern technology has gone one better, allowing today's TruthyMinistries to edit or delete books that citizens already possess. This is just another example of where humanity has exceeded what was even conceived of by our forbears. 

Welcome to the future boys and girls. The world being created is more than just new, so you'd better be brave.

"It's NOT a how-to-manual! It's NOT a how-to-manual! It's NOT a how-to-manual! 
 It's NOT a how-to-manual! It's NOT a how-to-manual! It's NOT a how-to-manual!
It's NOT a how-to-manual! It's NOT a how-to-manual! It's NOT a how-to-manual!
It's NOT a how-to-manual! It's NOT a how-to-manual!  It's NOT a how-to-manual!
It's NOT a how-to-manual! It's NOT a how-to-manual!  It's NOT a how-to-manual!"

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June 07, 2019

And Now a Word From Our Sponsors

Actually, they aren't our sponsors.
They're probably not your sponsors either.
If you want your own sponsors, you should get a SubscribeStar account.

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Oh. Well. That Was Embarassing.

In lieu on an explanation, here is a cute wood elf drawn by Houtengeki.

Support him on Pixiv Fanbox here

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Yesterday's Future TODAY!

Way back in 1994 KSS released an OAV* series called MIGHTY SPACE MINERS. Because the world is suffering, it was cancelled after 2 episodes. I picked up a VHS** copy when it came out, largely because the character designs were, even in 1994 kind of retro looking. 

However, it impressed me at the time as a remarkably hard sci-fi kids show. Despite a few minor inaccuracies the shows "hardness" rating is arguably higher than even The Expanse. I particularly like that the hardscrabble  asteroid miners don't live in some nightmare man-camp like Outland, but in a very pleasant Stanford Torus built into their asteroid, and the fact that the kids space helmets are the equivalent to a modern day smartphone/personal assistant and pet...because in their culture, a child's earliest lesson is that one must never be without one's helmet. 

Because space will KILL YOU!
They don't shy away from that. This show is like a Heinlein juvie. 

A DVD was eventually released but it's long out of print. Used copies can be purchased on Amazon for $103 US. I've been looking for this thing for years and was surprised to find it complete and dubbed on You Tube. The fact that it...ends... is really annoying, but, pig-headed kids show protagonist notwithstanding, it's a damned good 55 minutes until it leaves you hanging. 



We need to start a write-in campaign to get Jeff Bezos to buy this one and finish it, because this is a really good story. 

* Original Video Animation. Shows of odd length or of lower quality than films but higher quality than TV  were once released on tape or disc and rented or sold from "video stores". 

**Video Home System an audiovisual storage medium reminiscent of an audio cassette...wait...you've never heard of that either... OK, it's similar in principle to a DVD or Blue Ray or a gaming cartridge(?)... Um... Anyway it uses ferromagnetic material coating plastic tape as a data storage medium that is magnetically programmed and/or read as it is mechanically indexed via two spools in a manner similar to Egyptian scrolls....uh..you had to play the tape end to end to access the AV data and you'd get charged a fine if you didn't rewind them when you returned them to the video store...
Forget it. It was a different world.

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June 06, 2019

And Then There's This...


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75 Years

So much blood spilled to secure liberty. Let it not be in vain.

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A Non-Comprehensive List of Those Involved in in the Great Bit-Chute Advertising Campaign

Explanation here.

My Bitchute referral page is here.

List nicked from here.




The Great Order


Cultured Thug


Mr Allsop History

Patrick Slattery





The Red Elephants

Know More News

Andy Warski

Deep Fat Fried Podcast

Martin Sellner

James Allsup

Steven Crowder

Red Ice TV


Jesse Lee Peterson


Tailed Feature

Ford Fischer

Dan Dicks

Revenge Of The Cis


Videos Deleted:



American Renaissance

Ryan Dawson

E Michael Jones

The Higherside Chats

Bre Faucheux

Owen Benjamin

Count Dankula

Angelo John Gage

Gavin McInnes


Red Ice TV

Black Pigeon Speaks

Drunken Peasants

Press For Truth

J.F Gariepy

You might notice that some of these people are complete assholes. If so, congratulations, you lack not in perception. If you think that it matters, then I fear you are in want of wisdom.

You'd think that it would have been Bitchute rather than a gunblogger who would have done this video explaing how Bitchute is structurally less likely to go all Ministry of Truth on us, but hey, decentralization helps fill in those gaps.

Bitchute's search function is clunky, but has improved greatly since I've been a member and the super-chat-esque function is a little non-intuitive. It's brand new and much of its clunkieness is due to being a decentralized, platform. However, recent events are convincing me that the decentralization is worth it.

This concludes our free advertising for this evening.

Good Night and Good Luck!

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