September 23, 2016

Oh My! Yes Please!

The first remake hit it out of the park. Yamato 2199 was both inspiring an intelligent. It was quite faithful to the original series while being sufficiently different to genuinely surprise the fans. It was one of the best military themed shows of the last several years. Now they are doing what certainly looks to be a similar reimagining of season 2. 

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September 21, 2016

Meanwhile: The Ceasefire in Syria Continues Apace

The U.S. may or may not have hit a Syrian army unit. The Russian's, who hit a U.S. airbase back in July have probably  hit an aid convoy. The Russian carrier is en route to the area, the Chinese have gotten involved. We have troops on the ground, in Syria, a country whose government we have said we are going to overthrow, which is an ally of Russia who also has troops on the ground protecting Syria by shooting at the Jihadists we are ostensibly backing while we fight the mostly different crazy-nuts jihadis in ISIS which Russia is also fighting without any coordination with us so Russian and U.S. troops are on opposite sides of a civil war, armed and shooting at people who are trying to kill them in an area in which at least two factions are using poison gas. 


(As an aside, the King of Spain technically carries a subsidiary title of Archduke, so we should probably guard him quite closely...just as a precaution.)

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September 18, 2016

Watch Out Pixy!

 Thylacines exist in your neck of the woods. 

One of the Brickmuppet's Crack Team of Science Babes has thoughts on this astounding revelation.

"Be advised that 'Neck of the woods' in this context refers to being on the same continent and "exist" here is not the layman's usage but the definition from the cryptozoologists style guide, specifically... "someone got a very fuzzy video they claim is of something that is generally considered fictional or extinct"....Also, Pixy has not yet died horribly despite the fact that Australia already has a random encounter table much like Skull Island so a marsupial analog to a hyena is likely not of any concern to him."

Anyway, here's video.

 HSF's Dr. Kabaniri  drawn by Abe Kanari

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September 14, 2016

37 Days

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Work Arounds

So, the Gadsen flag was declared racist.

Then this happened.

(There's always one)

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