July 19, 2016



Not only was Melania Trump's speech full of direct swipes from Michelle Obama it was also an epic Rickroll...

As the hepcats say...
Troll level: GRANDMASTER

The question is, who is the troll?
Is the troll the speechwriter?

 I still would not be surprised if Trump was a stalking horse for Hillary and was intended to be this year's Ross Perot...but succeeded beyond anyone's wildest dreams. You may remember that Mr. Perot essentialy elected Clinton in '92 and '96. In neither case did Clinton win a majority of votes, but Perot threw the electoral college to Clinton. Trump is even more of an old Clinton Crony than Perot was, and was also a reform party member for a time. 

This would make Trump the troll...but that would not be a change in phase or state for him and so is likely to go unnoticed if true. 

The alternative to this insane conspiracy theory is that Trump's campaign is as filthy with Mobys and other Democrat operatives as Truman's State Department was with Soviet spies...or their campaign is a complete Mandelbrot set of incompetence. Hanlon's Razor still applies of course, and there are other theories* that have been proposed to account for this thing that's happening here in reality and not in a sitcom or dystopian cautionary tale. 

In any event, despair is a sin...thus I suppose purgatory is the best possible outcome for me. 

* Hat tip to Dustbury for this shocking insight.

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July 16, 2016

The B-61 Nuclear Bomb

Designed in the early 1960s and by far the oldest nuclear weapon in the U.S. arsenal, the B-61 is the designation for a family of  bombs that weigh around 700 pounds,  are 13.5 inches wide (not including the fins) and  just a bit under 12 feet long. It is a variable yield weapon which can have the amount of 'splody it provides adjusted from 1/3 of a kiloton to between 80 and 340 kilotons depending on the exact model, though as part of an upgrade being undertaken now the maximum yield is to be reduced to 50 kilotons in the near future. It can also be used as a depth charge. 

The weapon is on loan to certain NATO countries, Italy(around 90), Germany (20), Belgium(10-20) and...er...Turkey, which has about 90.

In what is most certainly unrelated news.....the latest news from the coup in Turkey is that the Bosphorus is closed and there is some sort of naval action going on. F-16s seem to be launching raids on the Presidential Palace and there appears to be a near 50/50 split in public opinion between those who are cheering or opposing the ouster of the increasingly Islamist Turkish president and the Military coup, which, depending on who is talking is either securing the country, or getting routed. 

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July 15, 2016

Christmas In July

Her Santa hat brings all the boys to the yard. 

Art by Yamaburo

What is this? Australia? An unreal tsunami of boxes associated with the recent Amazon sale and Independence Day resulted in the sorts of hours we at UPS just don't normally get in July. I haven't been this sore since basic training. Internet connectivity problems and the fact that this was the week of my midterm exam combined with the amazing amounts of overtime to bring about an alarmingly long period of bloggus intteruptus. 

Blogging will resume in earnest shortly. 

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July 09, 2016

Prosperity Watch

China's economy is still hurting the shipping industry which in many cases had restructured to ship raw materials to China and manufactured goods to the rest of the world, and with that cycle floundering, shipping is in a bit of a bind. While the BDI is rising a bit  that seems to be in part a blip due to the new Panama Canal expansion. There are actually proposals to scrap vast numbers of merchant ships

China's economy has other potential ramifications, such as the possibility of a billion and a half angry, hungry people and a government that's willing to do anything to ameliorate or at least distract from that problem. 

So...how are the Chicom's reforms going?

Well, perhaps a more in depth report would uncover some more positive developments.

I see.

Oh well, look on the bright side. We'll have all those shipping containers to play with, so we can set about eliminating homelessness as soon as we tar and feather the zoning board.  

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July 08, 2016

In the Last 20 Hours

That is an inauspicious start to what may be a long weekend.  

I'm 46. This is the worst I've seen it. However, I understand that '68 was bad and I would guess that 1863 was not a high point of civic unity, so as dreadful as this situation is, it's important to not lose perspective

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