December 08, 2016

It's Snowing Boxes

Posting will continue to be light.

Lizbeth, from Sword Art Online: Code Register. Character design by Shingo Adachi.

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December 07, 2016

More Pearl Harbor Thoughts

J.C. Carlton has a thoughtful and link heavy analysis of the many failures that led to the debacle.

Two brothers, reunited.

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Culture is a Signal

The animated short in the post below sums up the attitude of much of the United States in the early 1940's. It's not an unreasonable point of view. War is an obscene thing. 24 years earlier the country had entered a "War to End All Wars" which had, in the intervening years provided, as a case study in the wretchedness of war, thousands of men in what should have been the prime of their lives, missing limbs, blind or otherwise maimed by bullets, shrapnel, fire, and gas. The intervening years had seen numerous "police actions" in Central America, each of which had looked an awful lot like a war; ie; that thing those men had been maimed in the hopes of ending for all time. 

Most Americans with names not ending in Roosevelt wanted nothing to do with war. And so the pacifists, with help from the German American Bund and the communists (well, until 22 June 1941) all loudly proclaimed the disdain the American people had for war. From the papers to the radio to films as seen below and even the pulpits, the cry of "No More War!" was heard throughout the land.

However, when a sincere desire for peace becomes a nationwide cry from the rooftops it can be misinterpreted. Trotsky's quip, "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you. " is quite true, and war is especially interested in places where pacifism becomes loud virtue signaling, as it can signal, instead of virtue, cowardice, or at the very least a lack of resolve.  

And so, those who looked for such signals interpreted them accordingly. The Americans were not going going to sell them oil because Americans did not want to support those who waged war...because Americans hated war....Americans hated this was the time to strike.

And strike they did, 75 years ago today.

U.S.S. California goes down. Note the sailors in the water.

14inch guns of U.S.S. Pennsylvania silhouetted by the explosion of U.S.S. Shaw. 

Battleship Row Burns.

Identifying the bodies pulled from the sunken ships.

Within a few years, those men, and far too many of their subjects discovered to their horror that a disdain for war is not a sign of cowardice, or weakness. 

Too loudly proclaiming it however, can cary a terrible price for everyone involved. 

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December 05, 2016

Yet Another of Those Animated Shows Set in a Post Apocalyptic World

...this one's American and from 1939.

It's also seasonally appropriate.

It gives a good sense of the anti-war mood in the country on the eve of the Second World War.


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December 02, 2016

REPORT: Sarah Hoyt Has Been Hospitalized (Possible Heart Attack)

There is no further info at this time. The info comes via my friend Bob's Facebook feed.

Hopefully, this will end up being nothing more than a reset of the blog's Time Since Last Total Fact Check Casualty counter from 5 years and 67 days to zero. 

UPDATE: The report is confirmed. Fortunately, it is confirmed by Mrs. Hoyt. It looks like she may need a pacemaker or something.(Thanks to Rick C. in the comments.)

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November 30, 2016

Yeah....I'm Not Around Much

School is kicking my behind, and it's THAT time of year at work.

Art by Peroshi

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But What Are You SAYING?

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Linky Love

Dustbury takes a look at what happens when insufficient thought is given to dress codes and naming sports teams.

The weather in Kansas blows....but the scenery's nice.

Ace has found what must be the quote of the week.
"Her claims to be a 'queer Muslim' are probably part of an act designed to fit into as many victim categories as humanly possible," Adams elaborates. "Sometimes I wonder whether LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Thespian. So much drama, so few letters in the alphabet."

Peter Grant notes someone who anticipates a crappy board game. 

Larry Correia talks with an expert on the pro's, cons and thought processes behind Marvel's latest marketing ploy.

NOBODY believes me when I tell them that this happened...

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November 28, 2016

Asking The Important Questions

What would you do if you could change one thing about the past; if you could undo one action (or inaction) that had precipitated a cruelty that's caused heartbreak and torment all the days since then?

Would such a miracle, picking at that central thread of a person's life, unravel the tapestry of events that created who that person is (or was)?  

Or would it be awesome....with a giant robot fighting for justice...

What if the only sane person you regularly interact with is your evil nemesis, the the leader of the magical autism squad?

What's it like in hell anyway?

Flip Flappers....I've got no idea what this series is about. But, I'm going with this for now...

This show is cute, it's whimsical, it's high-octane nightmare fuel and it is brilliantly put together. 

It is also blazing new trails in the fashion and technology of legwear. 

It is NOT however, a reliable, peer reviewed source of information on rabbit anatomy. 

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November 27, 2016

Does Anyone Know...

...what this picture represents?

It was picture for the headline at Drudge yesterday which concerned Hillary effectively withdrawing her concession and going with recounts in multiple states. I am struggling to find the connection.

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