July 14, 2007

Fireworks Carnies and Samurai...Oh My!

Don has a nice post on Oh! Edo Rocket!, which I've mentioned in passing before.

My observations, having seen just 2 eps pretty much jive with his. That is, the show is cool.
 The weird amalgamation of seemingly incompatible character designs is, distracting to some. Aside from the odd Matsumoto show I haven't really seen design variations in a show this extreme in nearly 20 years.
This show is fun but not really fluff, the villains we've met are actually scary, and there is the cool bit about it being based around actual historical events. (It's almost certainly occurring in 1840s during one of the later crackdown on "luxuries" ). The protagonists are a bunch of carnival types put out of work by the sudden illegality of their trade.

They've combined October Sky, Freaks, Kolchack :The Night Stalker and any number of martial arts shows...(some of my favorite things )and made a cartoon out of them. I am going to HAVE to watch this show...after all it's target demographic is....me.

Update: Don also has a videoblog now....which includes amongst other things...The Abacus Dance.

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