October 26, 2019


...the first episode of My Hero Academia season 4.

It's pointless filler that has nothing happen and sort of but not comprehensively re-caps the first three seasons.

Start with this season's episode 2 (#65). Because then you won't drop this series and thereby miss the next two episodes, which are really good.


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October 21, 2019

It's looking Like a Keeper

Three episodes in Ascendance of a Bookworm seems to be living up to its initial promise.

It appears to be a very low budget show animation and art wise, but the story of a librarian who finds herself stuck in a 5-year old body in a parallel world's dark ages remains quite engaging.

Our heroine is saddled with myriad obstacles (for one thing, she's stuck in a 5 year old's body) but she's really determined and I particularly like that not everything she tries works, more-so that she learns from her mistakes and tries different things.

This is actually better than I'd hoped. I initially thought she was a Renfaire enthusiast and/or had experience making paper for calligraphy, but no. It turns out that Urano/Main doesn't actually have any hands on or technical knowledge of what she's trying to do. However, she has some historical knowledge of vaguely how it happened in our world and given that she KNOWS it can be done, she's doing experiments to figure out for herself, how to make a book.

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October 15, 2019

Iseakai: But With a Different Skillset

Motosu Urano is a Japanese Librarian.

Presumably, she is a very NAUGHTY one, because when her library collapses on her and burns during an earthquake she dies and goes...TO HELL. A very special hell reserved for naughty librarians.

But Perdition has bitten off more than it can chew and this badass bibliophile is about teach Gehenna itself a lesson it won't soon forget, as she embarks upon: The Ascendance of the Bookworm.


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October 12, 2019

The Art of Math

God's Blessing on this Wonderful World!  was first published in 2012. Therefore, as SakimiChan so expertly points out here, everyone's favorite explodemologist is 20 now.

Support Sakimichan's art on Patreon and Gumroad!

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October 06, 2019


It was all that and a bowl of grits.

I will likely not see it again as it is dark to the point that I found it hard to watch, (It really deserves its R-rating) but it is absolutely riveting and amazingly well done.

I'd heard that he'd done a good job, but Joaquin Phoenix just knocks it out of the park,  acting with every muscle in his body to give a performance for the ages.

The art direction and set design are superb. It's a period piece that looks like it was filmed in the period in which it was set. 

This is just a superb piece of filmmaking.

And high-octane nightmare fuel.

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October 05, 2019


Thanks to Mauser in the comments for alerting me to this.

New character designs are new.

I wonder if there's actually a canon reason for some of the non costume changes.

I must say, despite my ambivalence, I do like Weiss's Saber Cosplay. The continuity with Ironwood's beard over the last few seasons is actually cool. 

Everything LOOKS great and there seems to be a lot of development of concepts introduced in previous seasons.

We'll see.

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September 22, 2019

It's All Fun and Games Until HR Gets Involved

Hestia: Not the Greek goddess of self-awareness.

From the latest episode of Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon, which provides us a respite from the previous very serious plot arc...with a wacky story that gets wackier until suddenly....

About that previous arc though:

Slow clap. That was brilliantly done.  

This is a silly show, but it has heart and it is quite enjoyable.

I'm liking it.

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Astra: Lost in Space Ends

Indeed it did.
Mostly off screen.

Astra: Lost in Space has been a really good series, where our young heroes have survived against all odds in the face of all manner of interesting science fiction scenarios. In the process of surviving those perils, they have uncovered a conspiracy, another, much larger conspiracy of incredible scope and the series has expertly set up the fact that their getting home is going to start an entirely new set of adventures that could easily provide fodder for an entire new season including some genuine conundrums and really interesting concepts with sinister implications.

Instead, these many fascinating plot threads involving many perils and a gut punch to their entire civilization is wrapped up in a convenient retrospective monologue after a time skip.

To be fair, the show has a logical resolution . It just happens off camera.  This really could have gone on for 12 more episodes even if there were additional twists. Instead, we get 15 minutes added to the episode length and a lot of exposition. The troubling and sinister implications of the larger conspiracy are only hinted at.


It looks like the series got cut short and the writers dealt with it as best they could. As it stands this was still a very above average series. The last episode is just SO perfunctory that it is a genuine disappointment.

On the other hand, the result is that this ends up being a show that is much more about the journey and the destination, and despite the let down of the journey's end, the road show itself was a hoot.

The first 12 episodes were good enough that I still recommend it though. With the caveat that the last episode is an afterthought.

(And I eagerly look forward to the show being finished in the fanfic.)

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Actually, it May Still Be a Problem Even if You Make A Video About it

 "COOL! That's Sooo impressive!"
(Backs away slowly and inches toward the door.)

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September 15, 2019

We Have a Date

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September 14, 2019


Astra: Lost in Space continues to surprise.

I did NOT see that coming.

Really, really good character development in this show, and things that looked like they were just amazingly lucky coincidences have been explained quite satisfyingly. Moreover, the plot point that seemed like a complete non-sequitur...isn't.

I think they have two more episodes to screw this up, but right now there is no indication that they will. This is a fairly low budget series and seems to not be getting a lot of buzz, but it is well written and excellently paced. It really is a quality piece of work that deserves a wider audience.

Kenta Shinohara, the Mangaka whose web comic(!) this is based on, is mainly known for this and a popular strip called Sket Dance. He seems to be a rising star at Shueisha. The Director and Screenwriter that Studio Lerche got to do this series (Masaomi Andō  and Norimitsu Kaihō respectively) bear watching in the future.

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September 02, 2019

Here's Some Mildly Surprising News

"Reeeeeee!1!" in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, .....

From here. Via.

Rising of the Shield Hero has 2 more seasons confirmed.

This is a good thing. My only real complaint with the series was that it not so much ended as stopped. Now that criticism will be invalid.

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Astra: Lost in Space

It's vanishingly unlikely that any show could really live up to this trailer.

Indeed, after that awesome opening scene, the show reveals mediocre production values, a contrived and bizarre situation involving a cosmic space wedgie and unchaperoned teenagers in outer space. In addition to the aforementioned teenagers, there is a ten year old who talks through a hand puppet.

By the end of the first episode , it is beginning to appear that our adolescent heroes predicament is not nearly as random as they thought  and from that point the show begins to live up to the promise of that trailer...in a completely different way than expected.

This is a throw back to the old Sci-Fi juvies. While only a 2 or 3 on Moh's scale of Sci-Fi hardness, there are a lot of interesting of sci-fi ideas and they are explored intelligently. The characterizations are solid too and the show manages to develop, maintain and ratchet up a surprising amount of tension as our heroes learn more and more disturbing facts about the pickle they are in.  Additionally the series manages to maintain a near perfect balance between being absolutely horrifying and surprisingly upbeat.

I'm really enjoying this show right now.

And boy, howdy that latest episode...

I have no idea where this is going, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the trip.


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August 26, 2019

That Ad Everyone is Talking About Does NOT Bode Well.

But it did inspire this.

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August 25, 2019

Riefenstahl WEEPS!

Great movie! But...


Allow me to explain....

Alita: Battle Angel was something of an underdog in comarison to the Marvel franchise and so had quite an uphill battle in its quest for box-office success. Because it's 2019 and the world is stupid, one of the  complaints that gained traction (after the film had a brief and very atypical surge in interest towards the end of its run), was the idea that ABA was a movie for...wait for it....NAZIS (no really).

Now that I have finally seen this film, I am going quite confidently and happily postulate that Leni Riefenstahl would not approve of it. AT ALL.

Alita: Battle Angel is a surprisingly good movie. The story is solid, the main characters are much better realized than is typical for summer blockbusters and the effects are top of the line.

What is most remarkable is how well this cinematic adaptation of a manga transferred Yukito Kirishito's visuals to live action. Several of the costumes for instance, really ought to just look goofy but they actually work quite well to the point of being utterly badass.  Some of these decisions were braver than others, particularly the decision to give Rosa Salazar extra large anime eyes, but the film pulls it all off with panache. Far beyond showing considerable respect for the source material, this results in a very distinctive, occasionally whimsical art direction that leaves the portrayed world feeling surprisingly real.

Alita is a likeable and idealistic heroine. Because this is based on a shonen/ seinen manga with some superhero tropes, she soon surpasses her peers in ability. However, remarkably for girl power movies in current year, her male peers, mentor and love interest are never flaming incompetents, occasionally saving the day in their own right. Alita is not surrounded by idiots, she's the best OF THE BEST, which makes her a much more compelling heroine.

Despite cramming about 5 tankubon/graphic novels into two hours, the film is reasonably well paced and it captures the escalating threat vibe of the genre quite well. The story is eminently accessible to those who have not read the comic (I've only read an issue or two of the American release). Despite its dystopian setting and often grim story, this film manages to be both idealistic and just a rolicking good time that actually passed the butt test (at no point did I become terribly aware of how long I'd been sitting).

The only complaint I have is both minor and unavoidable: It was pretty much impossible to conclude a 9 volume manga series in a single film, so the ending, while satisfying, definitely anticipates a sequel.  Whether that comes to pass is unclear, but I, for one, am am rooting for it.

Finally, while not in any way a complaint, it should be noted that the film's themes of individual responsibility, a fight for universal dignity, redemption, tolerance and understanding of the designated "other" make this film a very poor vehicle for the transmission of national socialist propaganda.

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August 21, 2019

Info Bleg

So, getting back into sine qua non* of what is at least occasionally an anime blog, I note that 'Danmachi'2 seems to be having a bad case of tournament arc and  the other shows that look interesting are hard to find.

Does anyone know where Katana no Astra and Cop Craft can be viewed? They aren't on Crunchyroll and don't seem to be on Funimation (I don't have a membership there so access is limited).

* See! I iz edgegumikaited now!

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August 11, 2019

There Really IS Going to be a RE: Zero Season 2

Out of respect for you, gentle readers, I won't show the trailer as it is all spoilery and fraught. 

Here instead is something less fraught. 

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August 06, 2019


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August 04, 2019

One Musical Number and Removing the Whole Casino Bit Would Have Almost Fixed the Movie

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July 28, 2019

Universal Appeal

In addition to the constantly changing Daily Rankings list, Pixiv has links in the sidebar for the most popular images among male and female users respectively. I looked through both of them this morning, and, as expected, there was almost no overlap. There was some however. In the first 300 images, the following pictures were in both lists.  (Below the fold because, some are NSFW.)

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