April 13, 2022

Izsh Ogey...I Fyne

Banality is below the fold. 

As compensation, here is the answer to the pressing question, "What would Next Generation have been like if Filmation had done it." 

Somebody pressed the box button. 
Work has been fairly intense. There is generally an uptick in volume around Easter, but this is not Chocolate bunnies and PAAS Kits, it appears to be panic buying. Lots of food that appears to be going to residences. 

And lead ingots for some reason....WTF?

I'm getting better at doing things autonomously. That is, since the stroke the thought process for moving is different. Whereas I once would just "walk to the mailbox"
, since the stroke such processes have been more like "I will place this foot THERE. Then I will put this other foot THERE." While doing that I must concentrate on not drooling all over myself. Also I have to further multi task to maintain balance...and now that foot is where it should be so the other foot has to come around and go THERE...."am I facing the right direction? Oh snap I'm drooling." That's how I got through Christmas, and why it was such a BIG deal when I was finally able to run the length of my road, because running is a fluid motion. 

I'm getting better at that, but when I get shagged out my concentration falters and I have to go back to manually focusing on every motion. My endurance is MUCH greater that it was but I made overtime every day last week and there were days when I did not have the mental bandwidth not to slur my speech. Which led to an amusing incident when a manager at work had a panic attack and thought I was having another stroke. I told him "everrthsing waxs fyne annnd I juss get baghzz uff fler ammmohkay" and I WAS OK, I was just at the end of a period where I'd lifted all the boxes over my head for a few hours and I needed to pee because I'm bleeding because...kidney stone... so I'm trying to muti-task 1: grab boxes 2: lift boxes 3: pivot 4: stay upright 5 : Place boxes on belt above head 6: don't pee on self 7: talk to panicky supervisor coherently...and frankly the last item in the multi-task stack just did not have the priority of the others (particularly #6). But I got 6 out of 7 PERFECT!

Why am I not buff?

Kidney stones suck. 

I'm beginning to think the problem starting the lawn-mower is with the mower and not my 'pull-strength'. I'll be looking at other options over the next few days. 

Finally got all of my Crypto records straightened out in time for taxes. 

My time has been eaten by trying to get everything set up for V-tubing on a Mac. Given my speech issues this will be quite cringe, but I used to be an actor and a DJ so I'll just call it therapy....if I can EVER get the headphones in the mail and the animation actually working on stream. 

I have multiple posts half finished, so I bashed this fricking diary entry out for some reason. Posting should resume shortly. 

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1 The food doesn't surprise me.  People are starting to become more aware of the Charlie Foxtrot the global food supply is going to be through this year and into next.  With the breadbasket for Europe, SW Asia, and Northern Africa currently being fertilized for Liberty Trees and with copious amount of cordite, a massive shortage of normal fertilizer, avian flu in the US, swine Flu in China, and various droughts world wide, there will be global food shortages.  Here in the US, we should be OK, not much worse than the shortages of the last two years food-wise, but in other parts of the world there will be widespread famine.
The lead ingots are likely people predicting a massive radioactive rainfall from Russia and looking to build shelters.

Posted by: StargazerA5 at Wed Apr 13 19:59:28 2022 (QJSdE)

2 Actually I THINK the lead ingots are for casting bullets for handloading . It's one or 2 damned 74 pound ingots per address. Just a lot of people getting them today. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Wed Apr 13 21:32:16 2022 (5iiQK)

3 Holy cow, how do you even lift a 74 pound parcel? I can only squat 60 after Covid and deadlift maybe 70. That's without waking with the weight!

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Thu Apr 14 14:37:04 2022 (LZ7Bg)

4 That animation was on point!
Carb cleaner and starting spray, and new gas for the mower.

Posted by: Mauser at Fri Apr 15 00:10:25 2022 (gVjvf)

5 Holy cow, how do you even lift a 74 pound parcel?
Get close to the package. Position feet shoulder width apart. Establish firm footing, bending with the knees, not the back. Pivot rather that twist. As a matter of company policy we aren't responsible for lifting anything over 70 pounds without assistance but as a practical matter, 4 pounds is not worth whining over when there's no one else around. We carry parcels up to 150lb so if I DID get help on one of those I'd be lifting 75 anyway. 

Posted by: The Brickmuppet at Fri Apr 15 03:33:16 2022 (5iiQK)

6 When I was young (and fresh off the farm) I could pick up 90 pounds one-handed and lift it up over my head. Today...just looking at my cat can throw my back out.

Posted by: Frank at Thu Apr 21 01:54:09 2022 (rglbH)

7 Inspired by Brickmuppet, I deadlifted and squatted 90 yesterday.

Posted by: Pete Zaitcev at Thu Apr 21 21:57:33 2022 (LZ7Bg)

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