June 06, 2019

A Non-Comprehensive List of Those Involved in in the Great Bit-Chute Advertising Campaign

Explanation here.

My Bitchute referral page is here.

List nicked from here.




The Great Order


Cultured Thug


Mr Allsop History

Patrick Slattery





The Red Elephants

Know More News

Andy Warski

Deep Fat Fried Podcast

Martin Sellner

James Allsup

Steven Crowder

Red Ice TV


Jesse Lee Peterson


Tailed Feature

Ford Fischer

Dan Dicks

Revenge Of The Cis


Videos Deleted:



American Renaissance

Ryan Dawson

E Michael Jones

The Higherside Chats

Bre Faucheux

Owen Benjamin

Count Dankula

Angelo John Gage

Gavin McInnes


Red Ice TV

Black Pigeon Speaks

Drunken Peasants

Press For Truth

J.F Gariepy

You might notice that some of these people are complete assholes. If so, congratulations, you lack not in perception. If you think that it matters, then I fear you are in want of wisdom.

You'd think that it would have been Bitchute rather than a gunblogger who would have done this video explaing how Bitchute is structurally less likely to go all Ministry of Truth on us, but hey, decentralization helps fill in those gaps.

Bitchute's search function is clunky, but has improved greatly since I've been a member and the super-chat-esque function is a little non-intuitive. It's brand new and much of its clunkieness is due to being a decentralized, platform. However, recent events are convincing me that the decentralization is worth it.

This concludes our free advertising for this evening.

Good Night and Good Luck!

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1 Almost as bad as this is the utter bull going on like MumboJumbo's temporary demonitization.  He has a 5-second intro where he uses some music he bought rights to use.  Several years later, someone went after the creator of that music because it has an unlicensed 4-second sample--one that's not in Mumbo's intro.  Someone grabbed the ad revenue for 1800 videos of his, and he had to challenge each and every one individually, and then edit each video to remove the intro.
Youtube and Facebook and probably others need to lose their Section 230 safe harbor over all this garbage.

Posted by: Rick C at Thu Jun 6 09:49:48 2019 (Iwkd4)

2 I'm not actually even all that big a fan of Crowder (not opposed to him or anything, I just don't really follow him) but I'm tempted to buy into his mug club and tell that Meza guy "you made me do this."

Posted by: Rick C at Thu Jun 6 15:25:41 2019 (Iwkd4)

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